PVR Cinemas launches the first 4DX screen in South India

Bengaluru, 10th June 2017 – PVR Cinemas (PVR), partnership with, CJ 4DPLEX,today announced the opening of its first 4DX auditorium in South India. The launch will happen with the movie premiere: ‘Wonder Woman’ and The Mummy’ at PVR Market City, Bengaluru.

Having understood the market of Bengaluru and each aspectof cinema viewing and experience, PVR will introduce the multiple- senses, 4DX auditorium featuring100 specially-designed motion seats that are further enhanced by extrafeatures & environmental effects like wind, mist,bubbles, snow and scent that work in perfect synchronicity with the action onthe big screen. 

PVR’s new4DX auditorium marks a huge milestone for 4DX, as this will be its 376thscreento open worldwide. It features over 20 different effects that have beenprogrammed and optimized by a team of skilled editors to create a one of a kindmovie-going adventure. Amplifying the experience from watching a movie toalmost being in it, the new state-of-the-art auditorium will feature the latestnew releases.Tickets are available at the Box Office and on www.pvrcinemas.com starting today. 

 “After announcing our 4DX expansionplans in December last year at Cine Asia 2016. We are happy to be back with thevery first 4DX screen in South India.” saidMr. Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Limited, “Bengaluru’slove for cinema is charismatic. It is the dynamism of the market that keeps usassertive for bringing innovations and global standard of cinematic experienceto the city. The city has an inherent taste to watch movies in a refinedformat. Hence, 4DX screen will certainly prove to be a ground breaking movieexperience for the patrons here.” 

"We areexcited to open our 376th screen globally in India andcelebrate this milestone in partnership with PVR Cinemas," said Byung-Hwan,Choi, CEO, CJ 4DPLEX. "Feedback from audiences in Delhi and Mumbai hasbeen overwhelmingly positive and we're certain that PVR Market City,Bengaluru will become a prominent entertainment hub within thecity." 

PVR cinemascontinues to retain its position as the largest provider of 4DX inIndia with three 4DX technology enabled screens inDelhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru now.

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