QNET Entrepreneurs done charities worth Rs 5.5 lakh today to “Home for the Disabled”,

Hyderabad, October 13, 2017: Around fifty QNET Entrepreneurs in the city embarked on charitable activities today. The team lead by Naveen Vemuriis visited “Home for the Disabled”, a 82years old organisation established in 1933 located at Jeera in Bansilalpet.

They donated ration worth Rs 5 lakh sufficient for theNGO for one month. The Home is spread over 3 acres, and housesaround 440 inmates - comprising the aged, the disabled, the crippled, theretarded, and the deaf & dumb. It is quite simply a "Home For TheHomeless"


The premises are sowell-kept that you can literally eat off the floor. It is not called a "Home" fornothing; the younger members are left in the charge of the older inmates, sothere is always someone you can call your own. The inmates are productive andcreate lovely needlework, besides being constantly involved in maintainingtheir surroundings.


The NGO has 440 abandoned people from 4years old to 80plus years old with varied needs. They spend Rs 5 lakh everymonth towardstheir expenses. The complete ration required for one month was provided by theQNet Enterpreneurs in the city. A girl who joined in the NGO at four years oldin 1933 is still continuing staying there. She is 88years old now.


They have also provide four “4WheelChairs”.  They have also handed over cheques for Rs 50,000/- towardsa milking machine. The NGO has cows which give them 15 liters of milk. Manualmilking became a problem for the NGO. Hence, they need a milking machine forwhich a separate cheque of Rs 50,000/- is given informed Naveen.


We have also provided them lunch today.  Themoney was raised through peers and people he informed. 


We were motivated by RHYTHM FOUNDATION, acharitable wing of  QNet. RHYTHM  meaning Raise Yourself ToHelp Mankind.  Encouraged by RHYTHM Foundation, we have embarked onthese charitable activities, informed Naveen. This grounding concept isembodied in the RYTHM Foundation and its Malaysian chapter, the VijayaratnamFoundation. These Foundations are independent charities established by the QIGroup of Companies providing a home for the Group’s philanthropic work all aroundthe world.


A visit to the Home can certainly invoke some serioussoul-searching; and meeting the inmates is like a crash course on life. Beprepared for a lesson or two in discipline, charity and ensuring productivityagainst the direst of odds - taught to you purely through example, Naveen adds. 

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