Bangalore April 20, 2017: To celebrate the launch of Quaker Nutri Foods in the country, Quaker India today organized a ‘Breakfast Table’ with Celebrity Chef and PepsiCo Nutrition Brand Ambassador Vikas Khanna in New Delhi. Guests in the capital rediscovered India’s favourite breakfast dishes in a new format as Vikas Khanna introduced the Quaker Nutri Foods range of ready to cook, healthier ‘oat-licious’ versions of the traditional Idli, Dosa, Upma and Khichdi.

The‘Breakfast Table’ also took food enthusiasts on an experiential journey withChef Vikas Khanna showcasing how one can have fun with the Quaker Nutri Foodrange and to create tasty, wholesome and convenient breakfasts.

DeepikaWarrier, Vice President, Nutrition Category, PepsiCo India said, “At Quaker, itis our constant endeavor to introduce healthy breakfast options to consumersacross the country. Given the rushed lifestyles of urban consumers today, thereis a need for healthy options in easy to adopt formats. At the same time,consumers told us they don’t want to compromise on taste, so we took popularbreakfast recipes like Idli, Dosa and Upma and made them healthier. Withsuperior taste and a significantly high content of Quaker oats to giveconsumers the wholegrain advantage, we believe the Quaker Nutri Foods range hasset a benchmark for innovations in the ready-to-cook space. We are certain thatthe new range will quickly gain popularity amongst the health-consciousconsumers and time-pressed millennials in the country.”

Dedicated tohealthy mornings that Quaker represents, the launch of Quaker Nutri Foodsoffers a convenient way to a healthy breakfast with an unmatched 40-56% oatscontent. At the same time, Chef Vikas Khanna demonstrated how the range couldbe used to make versatile yet quick breakfasts.

Speaking atthe ‘Breakfast Table’, Chef Vikas Khanna, Celebrity Chef, Co-creator of QuakerNutri Foods and PepsiCo’s Nutrition Ambassador, said, “Starting your morningson a healthy note is critical. Very often, we skip breakfast due to our hecticmornings but I am a true believer in starting the day on a healthy note. Myfirst meal of the day must be nutritious and yet flavorful. When I met IndraNooyi over breakfast last year, we had an interesting conversation about howpeople still seek familiar tastes, but with the convenience that fits intotheir rushed lifestyles. Also, consumers enjoy a hot meal, prepared at home.The insights helped us to co-create the new Quaker Nutri Foods range to makemornings healthy. And for those who have a little more time to experiment, therange offers a quick and convenient base to play with and create excitingbreakfast options with the goodness of Quaker.” 

Quaker NutriFoods is a ready-to-cook format that brings together a healthier version ofsome of the most loved ready to cook Indian breakfast dishes such as Idli,Dosa, Upma, and Khichdi. Made with 40-56% of wholegrain oats and realvegetables, Quaker Nutri Foods contain dietary Fibre, Protein and Seleniumwhich helps support the immune function. The all-new Quaker Nutri Foods rangeadds a healthy twist to the Indian breakfast routine, whilst ensuring thefinest taste to consumers. Starting at INR 40 (for 40g), the all-new QuakerNutri-Foods packs will be available in 40g and 150g packs across traditionaland modern trade stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai,as well as on online platforms.

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