RaaS champions the case for Relationship as a Service

May 1st, 2018,: Talocity RaaS Talks, is a CXO’s round table, that focusses on conversations around RaaS: Relationship as a Service where-in Human focusses on relationships & machine manages the rest. The Talks bring together some forward looking discussions around future technology trends, disruption in industry’s best practices in the areas of Talent Hiring and Talent Management & successful case studies of implementation across growth companies. The latest edition of the RaaS Talks took place in Bangalore, Hotel Shangri-La and was graced by some of the top CEOs, CHROs, TA Heads and CTOs; who engaged and brought out ways to drive change and adopt new TECH within hiring & talent management.

Currently,Talocity RaaS Talks happens over breakfast across major cities in India. Thisis a focused group meet-up (invitation only) of CHROs, TA Heads & CTOs todiscuss the current and future technology trends, disruptions and industry bestpractices sharing, in the space of Talent Hiring and Talent Management. We alsoenvisage partnering with many research studies and presenting expert viewsgoing forward. 

InvigoratingCXO roundtable on TECH adoption in Talent hiring & management touched morepoints that include:

a)        Theproblem is that the core is not defined. The people strategy is not in place& HR is searching for which TECH to use

b)       DriverlessHR function for transactions will be a reality, anything transactional will beautomated by 2025

c)        Companiesthat take the leap forward on HR TECH will move ahead. Its all going tochange in 5 years

d)       TECHis not a band-aid. We need the strategy first and that has to come from HR

e)       Patienceof the HR TECH sponsor is key to change management. Patience will come withdefining success parameters

f)         It’sa candidates market. Do what it takes to reach a candidate. Video interviewsmakes it easy

g)        Therecruiter is a millennial, the candidate is a millennial but the hiring manageris not. So who has to change is clear

h)       MrCEO if your HR is not working its your problem & it’s your mistake 

Post theTalks, Mr. Ketan Dewan, founder and CEO, Talocity said, Inthe digital & connected world, the power of relationships is the key &the core to all our people related strategies and agendas. I know himvery well | He did so much for me that I am... | I am indebted to her for thesupport…| He got me my first job & many more thoughts that we allexperience in our lives around people and relationships. Isn’t it !.While we all have access to each other and our employees & prospectiveemployees; yet there is a need for connect beyond an electronic connect. And no machine can provide that connect. It can at best provide the access.Having said that, we spend so much of time evaluating the access points that weare left with no time to create the connect. The time for human love fortransactional work has to go away. If humans manage relationships then machinescan do the rest.


Thus the peoplestrategy and agenda comes to the core yet again at the Talocity RaaS Talks thatwas conducted with a full house of CHROs, Talent Leaders and a distinguishedCEO who graced the Talks. Dhiren Kanwar, President & MD of GriffithFoods; who is a top CEO and TEDx speaker started the Talks with the thought,’HR TECH is too less & too late.’ 

The What we need to do has to be veryclear- our people strategy and what we want to achieve as an outcome of it, inthe near term and the mid-term, is core to Talent management &recruitment. The How can be solved using TECH & there aresome very interesting niche technologies providing point solutions available inthe market.  The Talks revolved around the change management around TheWhat & The How and the leaders who graced the occasion include: RajNarayan: CHRO, Titan Industries Limited; Karthik SM: Director TalentAcquisition, IQVIA; Balachandar N: Group Director- HR, Coffee Day Group; SudhirMattoo: Director- Talent, IBM; Sumathi Sampath, Head Talent, Infosys BPO,Amreeta Mazumdar: Head of India Tech Staffing, Google; Paneesh Rao: CHROL&T Technology Services Limited; Somnath Bhagavatula: HR Director-Atkins; Hirendra Badhiye: VP- HR, Northern Trust; Uday Shetty: Head HR,Stanley Lifestyles; Rajnesh Khosla: Head HR, LG, Om Sahay: AssociateDirector- HR, Neilsen; Ashok G: Chief Working Officer, Nexleap; PrithviShergill: Founder, Tomorrow; Srinivas Yelandur, Venture Advisor and manymore friends from HR & media. 

On one sidethe business is burning & on the other side good TECH in Recruitment &Talent management is waiting to be deployed; but still companies take a longtime to decide. Lets wish good morning to RaaS. Talocity had representationfrom its core team members including: Debi Prasad Das: Growth Founder & ChiefMentor & Ketan Dewan, Co-founder & CEO.

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