Radha TMT 550 Steel Bars launched

Hyderabad, December 12, 2017….Radha Smelters Pvt. Ltd, a city based six decades old company introduced Radha TMT 550 Steel Bars into the market. In a function held in HICC on 9th December, its brand ambassador, Maha Shakthishali, film star Daggubati Rana unveiled the product ceremoniously in the presence of 400 plus dealers and distributors from across the Telugu states. The product comes from Radha Group founded by late Shri Radheshyamji Saraf in 1960s. The legacy grew by leaps and bounds over time &the mantle is being continued by his sons Mr. Sunil Saraf and Mr. Suman Saraf. The newly launched Radha TMT 550 Steel Bars, according to Sunil Saraf, Chairman of the company are bars, that have various benefits over Fe 500 TMT Bars. Radha 550 TMT bars have higher load bearing capabilities and higher tensile strength which result in reduction of overall steel consumption thus leading to saving in cost of steel, transportation cost and material handling cost. Radha 550 TMT bars are ideal for coastal, marine bridges, tunnels, residential buildings, high-rise and RCC Structures.

These bars are easy to work with. They reduceconstruction and fabrication time by providing better ductility and bendability.  They offer superior bonding strength External ribs runningacross the entire length of Radha 550 TMT Bars provide superior bondingstrength between the bar and concrete and fulfill  Bond requirementsas per IS: 1786-2008informedSumanSaraf, Managing Director of the company.


Speaking further, the brothers added that our highquality standards and world class technology have catapulted Radha SmeltersPvt. Ltd. to being the leading manufacturer of TMT Bars, MS Squares, DesignSquares, MS Flats, Design Flats, and MS Rounds.


Stringent testing and strict quality checks are thehall marks of the Radha TMT 550 Bars, added Suman Saraf.  To ensureconsistent quality, the physical & chemical properties of the TMT bars aretested in the Universal Testing Machine while the chemical composition of theraw material (MS Billets) is scrutinized by the Spectrometer states Sunil. Thisis achieved through pre-defined and random sample tests at every stage of themanufacturing process, he says.


Our Rolling Mills today are the leadingmanufacturers of TMT Bars, MS Flats, MS Squares and Plain Rounds catering tothe growing markets of India adds both Chairman and Managing Director of


Our plant is situated at Shankarampet, Cheguntavillage in Medak district and in the industrial belt at Nacharam, Hyderabad.These full-fledged state-of-the-art manufacturing units include steel meltinginduction furnaces, fully atomized hi-speed rolling mill, continuous castingmachine (CCM) and world class testing facilities to make high quality primarysteel, they added.


According to Suman, Radha 550 TMT bars have higherstrength than the conventional steel bars and hence would be useful in buildinghigh-rise structures. "Though Radha 550 TMT bars cost about 5% more thanthe conventional Fe 415 & Fe 500 TMT bars, the higher strength and loadbearing capabilities result in reduction of steel consumption in buildingstructures by upto20 per cent," he said.


The price of conventional TMT bars currently is Rs.40,000 / ton.


Radha Smelters Private Limited is amongst one ofthe renowned steel plants to adopt the highly acclaimed, revolutionary THERMEXtechnology from Germany. We manufacture TMT Bars ensuring strength, durabilityand resistance. Apart from this, we also make sure that the bars we offer arein accordance with the requirements of builders, architects and consultants.These TMT bars offered by us are also known as 'Quenched and Tempered rebars' asquenching and tempering processes are involved in their manufacturing process.


India is among the top 3 steel producers in theworld with production of around 100 million tons per annum in 2017 and thesteel making capacity in the country is set to grow to 300 million tons perannum in the next 10 years. The TMT Steel Bars market is very crowded anddominated by many players. Radha Smelters Pvt Ltd. targets to be the leadingplayer in the TMT market category with adoption of RADHA 550 TMT Bars.


The clients of Radha Group include some of the bestbuilders and infrastructure companies in the country. They include Garden City,Muppa, Arya, Al Faraa, Ashoka Developers and Builders, Megha Engineering,Manjeera MJ Infrastructure, DS MAX, DSR Builders and Developers, NCC Urban andothers.  The products are approved by APMSIDC, SCCL, TSHB, TSPHC andmany more. 

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