Raheja Universal’s Raheja District II Wins the MODI Awards for Smart Industrial Park

Mumbai, 22nd February, 2018: Raheja Universal, one of Mumbai’s leading real estateconglomerates has recently won the MODI award for ‘Smart Industrial Park’. Raheja district II is a part of the flagship Integrated Ecosystem ‘Raheja District’ located at Juinagar, Navi Mumbai. "MODI AWARD" - Making Of Develop India Awards is a benchmark initiative and a platform to recognize excellence throughout the industry,to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development and recognise companies for their best practices and continuous advancement.

Companies were awarded for the nature andcomplexity of their project, their ability to objectively demonstrate its valueand effectively communicate its significance to others.Raheja District II isthe perfect ecosystem for the development of a new wave of MSMEs to deliver theright product, the right quality, the right solution and the right service at acompetitive price, in domestic and international markets. RD II goes beyondproviding an industrial building that fits the needs of MSMEs, but also guidesbusinesses through Indian customs, tax programs, government incentives, andconnects them to legal advisers to incorporate companies at the Industrialpark, as a turnkey service.

MSMEs represent diverse types of businessesand Raheja District II is focused on establishment of a quality mix of owners,offering from the amount of space to the dimensions and facilities vital tosupport the creation, expansion and modernization of MSMEs along withinfrastructure, common service facilities and economies of scale at all stages.With a large labour force residing in the nearby areas, and many opportunitiesfor leisure, sport and entertainment, Raheja District II offers an accessibleand exciting opportunity for employers and employees alike making it not onlycommercially viable, but also employee-friendly.

RD II is wellconnected to human & goods transportation network through air, road, trainand sea; as well as all communication systems and networks being located closeto national highways, railway stations, airports, and seaports. RD II addressesimportant issues faced by MSME’s like poor adaptability to changing trends,lack of skilled manpower, inadequate infrastructure facilities, includingpower, water, roads and other environmental issues to achieve betterefficiencies.

Speaking onwinning this prestigious award, Mr.Ashish Raheja, Managing Director, Raheja Universal comments, “Development of industrial park attractsinvestments from private and MNC’s companies’ supporting several flagshipinitiatives of the Indian government leading to proliferation of jobopportunities. RD II is an industrial park that offers the right infrastructureto achieve the much-needed efficiencies further boosting the growth curve ofthese MSME’s. It is truly a futuristic development with upcoming infrastructuredevelopments like the Navi Mumbai International airport and the MumbaiTrans-Harbour link within close proximity. The MODI award is a testimony to thevision and effort by Raheja Universal to create the first of its kindworld-class MSME industrial park.”

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