The recent rains in Bangalore have wrecked havoc, including loss of precious / budding lives. Thanks to clogged drains, constructions on storm water drains, encroachments on low lying areas ( which were once serene lakes ), scant respect for rules and regulations. Havoc during the rainy season, is a repeat performance year after year, just like a replay of an exciting cricket match.

Whileit is unfair to criticiseonly the establishment / Corporation for the mess, ithas to be accepted that lessons are never learnt from the previous experience.With the end of the rainy season, the hardships faced are forgotten ,   to be remembered   only on the onset ofthe next rainy season . If the  authoritiesconcerned are  a little  proactive, the misery can be reduced to agreat extent.  “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”, “ A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”, are the  placards / boards that need to adorn on  the walls of all the rooms in the CorporationOffice.

Enoughof blaming the establishment .Are we too not responsible for the clogged drains? We throw  anything and everything  in the drain, from water bottles, tubes /tyres, old clothes, books, boxes. The list is endless.  This is an easy way out and the  “educated class “ is also  equally responsible for this mess.

Thecondition of the roads in Bangalore hardly needs  notbe explained, it has to be experienced. Alongwith the various  “Bhagya”  Schemes, the Government has implemented,  the“POT HOLES  Bhagya “  which is widely implemented  in all parts of  Bangalore. The Governmenttis TOTALLY  impartial in this Schemeas  all  Bangaloreans are the beneficiaries irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economic status.

Iwould personally  equate the durability  of the new laid roads in Bangalore  to the intensity of rainfall. This is my own “Thumb Rule” assessment, not to beseen in any books / magazines / articles..



Slight drizzle  

9 months

Light rain 

6 months

Moderate rainfall

3 months

Heavy rainfall

15 days

Ifit is a combination – from slight drizzle to heavy rainfall-  the roads would probably last for about 45days to  60 days.

And…why  do the old trees fall  during heavyrainfall?? With the  concrete junglespreading everywhere, there is not enough water for the well  entrenchedroots, which become weak over aperiod  of time. We are directly or  indirectly responsible for the uprooting oftrees. Nature does take its revenge by taking a life or two in the process. Notto take shelter under a big tree  duringheavy rainfall -  is what we should allremember.

Don’tventure out, don’t be adventurous  whenthe sky  has dark clouds. Discretion isthe better part of valour. You may miss out an appointment, a wedding, aparty—but its worth to be safe  andsecure inside your abode. 


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