Raksana – A national movement against Child Abuse

Bengaluru, 18th November 2017: The city recently witnessed a monumental event wherein around 20,000 school children joined hands to symbolize their fight against child abuse. The mega awareness movement by ‘Raksana’ was organized today to stand against any forms of physical and emotional abuse, neglect, child trafficking, discrimination, and child labour. It was one of the largest initiatives organized for child protection.

Organized by VForce Media and marketed by Breathe Entertainment along with charity partners Faith Foundation, the event took place at Kittur Rani Chennamma Stadium,Jayanagar Bengaluru.

Thehighlight of the event was that for the very first time, school children agedbetween 12 to 18 came together in such large numbers to represent their supportand fight against child abuse. They also sang the National Anthem with thelargest human body percussion ensemble.

The eventwas inaugurated by Hon’ble Home Minister of Karnataka, Shri Ramalinga Reddy who lauded the efforts of VForce Media andBreathe Entertainment to bring together children in such large numbers for anoble cause like this.

Also present at the event were Hon’ble Mayor of Bengaluru Shri R Sampat Raj, MLA Shri VijayKumar, MLA Shri NA Harris, Corporator, Jayanagar Shri Nagaraju and Ms Ragini Dwivedi Popular Kannada Film Actress.

Theorganizations efforts were applauded by the Guinness Book of World Records forholding the longest workshop on Child Safety for about 30 minutes which wasconducted by Dr. Vani Khare, Founder & CEO Faith Foundation.

While Mr. Ramalinga Reddy, Honorable home minster of Karnataka  unveiled “The School Travel App”, a Mobile Application that gives real-time tracking of School bus and ensure safe travel of students. “The School Travel App” is developed by Anemoi Technologies private Limited, a technology firm based in Gurgaon, NCR.

Speaking onthe occasion, Mr. V.S. Pilania, CEO,Anemoi Technologies said that the school travel app is a simple mobileapplication designed to mitigate following concerns of parents.

Kid’s Safety(On and Off Board)

School Bus’Arrival Time (Knowing arrival time of Bus in Advance)

Standing ata secluded place in unpleasant Climatic Conditions (Broad Sunlight/Rain/Humid),waiting for School Bus

ReachingEarly / Late at pickup location (or not able to track the School Bus)

By usingthis application, Parents can have

Real TimeSchool Bus Tracking. Know exact location at any moment.

AppNotification / SMS to parents 5 Minutes before arrival of Bus.

Nounnecessary time wastage at Bus Stop.

Also allschool buses are geo-fenced, making sure that the driver cannot take any routeother than specified route.

The momentany school bus take a wrong / unspecified route, the school transportadministrator will get a message about this and then he can enquire about thereason from Driver / Conductor.

Speaking aboutthe same at the event, Mr. SaravanaKumar, Founder, VForce Media said “It was extremely overwhelming to seesuch a response from schools from all across Bengaluru including Governmentschools as well. This was an event to symbolize a beginning towards the safeand rightful future of children and movement to show to people that this is nomore an issue that will be ignored.”

Supportingthis entire movement, Mr. Ravinder PalSingh, Technologist and Angel Investor said, “It was a pleasure to beassociated with a cause like this, as child abuse is an important issue and arampant problem in our society. Hence, it is important to create safety andawareness in the school as well as in the community.”

Mrs. Usha Mohan, Organizing Committee Chairperson, said “We are absolutely moved by the support that we have received from everyone involved and would like to thank everybody in supporting us for this initiative. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a cause and to let everyone know that this is just the beginning. It will not stop at this but only grow bigger”.

Highlighting the purpose of the event Mr. Kishore Joseph, Director Breathe Entertainment said “I am glad that Raksana gave me an unprecedented opportunity and such a platform to bring together this event for children to voice out for their fundamental rights. The sole objective of which is to make the society to work in tandem to create a world without child abuse, neglect, and discrimination.”

For more information log onto - http://www.raksana.org/about.html

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