Ramraj ropes in Rana Daggubati as an endorser

Hyderabad | September 13, 2017, |Ramraj Cotton, which has emerged as one of the most successful brand in the last decade, today announced Actor Producer Rana Daggubati as its brand ambassador for the vests. The launch event had a fashion line up of their vests and introduction of the new TVC with Rana.

Speakingatthe event, Founder Chairman Mr. K R Nagarajan said “We began our journey inthesame land that opened up a whole new opportunity for me and the rise ofthebrand.  With Veshti at the helm of ouroffering, today we cater to allsegments. We strongly believe in upholding ourvalues and culture and that reflectsin the way we communicate the brand too”

Sharingmoreon the communication that the brand adopts, “We believe that we brokethestereotype in advertising the vests. In 2010 we had actor Arjun Sarjaendorsingour vests, and the communication then was a clutter breaker upholdingthe prideof India and the brand. Now with Rana Daggubati we have yet again havehad adifferent approach to communication which will be of interest to theyouth”says K R Nagarajan who added that Rana will be a good fit to take thebrandforward.

Commentingonthe association, Rana Daggubati said “Ramraj has had an inspirationalgrowthwith taking its traditional attire back to the youth. I am happy tobeassociated with the brand." RamrajCotton today has multi productofferings from Veshti to Shirts, Vests, Innerwear, Linen and also caters to theWomen segment. With presence through 82exclusive outlets and 6000MBOs acrossSouth India, Ramraj is looking to expandits own outlet presence in North andWest India.

TheNew TVCwith Rana

Withhealthand wellness taking the forefront, every one us aspire to keepourselvesphysically and mentally fit despite the erratic lifestyle. As we raceagainsttime, imagine having to practice a few quick easy to do workouts everyday, andthat too with a celebrity like Rana showing you the way!

Thenew TVCwill certainly be a delight to the youth and any health freak for thatmatter. Aseries of 5 workouts with Rana showing the Greek work out“Calisthenics” can bedownloaded from YouTube.

Ramraj hasalways upheld thetradition bringing in pride and good practices, and this newTVC is also anattempt to take home healthy practices with the daily workoutroutine, to keepour generation hale and healthy.

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