Rana Daggubati starrer Social to release on September 8

Hyderabad, September 7, 2017: Viu, the freemium video-on-demand platform launched their eleventh original digital series - Social on September 7 at Taj Banjara, Hyderabad. Produced by Whacked Out Media and Guru Films, the much awaited series is releasing on September 8. The celebration of this first ever, social media thriller witnessed the presence of superstar Rana Daggubati, who will be starring in the series as a suave tech tycoon. Digital phenomena and protagonist of Social, Naveen Kasturia along with Bollywood actor, Priya Banerjee, who is venturing into the digital space with Social, were also present.

DirectorShashi Sudigala and Manasi Sapre, Head of Programming, Viu India took to the stage to presentthe trailer of the much-awaited digital show, Social. The exciting seriesrevolves around the story of a missing girl, wherein four individuals,including her brother (Naveen Kasturia) set out to find the mystery of herdisappearance and get her back home. The trailer gave the audience a glimpse ofthe circumstances and events that they set in motion to uncover the truth.Delving into the details, they introduced the pragmatic cast on stage giving apeek into the characters they are essaying. The cast then took the stage todiscuss their personal experiences while shooting for Social. 

The stars ofthe show stepped forward to applaud the upward trajectory of bilingual contentwith the growth of OTT platforms in the country today. 

Commentingon the launch of the show, director Shashi Sudigala said, "I am very excited topresent this series to our viewers. By making a bilingual social mediathriller, we are offering entertainment like never before. It has been apleasure working with talented actors like Rana, Naveen, Priya, Moin and Abdulamong others who ensure there is never a dull moment on the set."​​

Speakingabout his debut in a digital fiction, superstar Rana Daggubati said,​​

 "Mycharacter in Social is a visionary, an idealist who sees the good in peopleeven though he is up against fellow corporate giants. He thrives on honesty andtransparency, both in and out of his organisation. What got me to sign the showis the absorbing script and Shashi, who is a brilliant director to work with.It's exciting to work on a digital fiction for the first time especially at atime when digital is offering experimental content to the masses." ​​

Speakingabout his latest digital series, Naveen Kasturia says, ​​

“Socialis essentially created for the digital medium. The makers have ensured acompelling storyline for the audience who are open to viewing differentiatedcontent. As my acting career establishes I am very keen to explore variousgenres and languages with digital platforms since it is a safe and enablingspace for creativity. It is also exciting to work with such a diverse andtalented cast. Together, the journey was not about getting the work done.Rather it is a process of how to make the story more powerful and relevant forthe viewers.”     

Speakingon the launch of show, Bengali beauty Priya Banerjee says,​​

 “Digitalis the way forward especially when our target viewers are accessing news andentertainment on the go. So it is exciting to make my debut on the platformwith Viu and a fascinating script like Social that brings together experimentalcontent portraying the many aspects of social media.  I am playing anaspiring actress who knows what she wants in life and has what one needs tomake it into the limelight.”  

The eventalso witnessed the showcase of Viu's first brand campaign- Kaafi feels Bro! Thebrand film echoes the essential intent of offering content that appeals toviewers’ emotions in a variety of genres such as horror, drama, romance andcomedy only on Viu.​​

Catch themuch-awaited thriller 'Social' on September 8 only on Viu.

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