Rannvijay Singh will be the new face of The Spartan Poker

National, 25th April 2017: Popular actor/ TV host and youth icon, Rannvijay Singh has joined hands with The Spartan Poker, country’s leading and most popular poker gaming portals as their first brand ambassador.

Poker as agame has thrived in India and has certainly swept the youth off their feet, andseveral Bollywood celebrities too have been caught up in the tide. Poker hasalways been a highly popular activity in Bollywood, with stars barely needingany reason to bring out the cards. Rannvijay being an avid poker player himselfactively takes part in various poker tournaments and has also won quite a fewhands at the table. 

Launched inthe year 2014, the online poker gaming portal has become the most trustworthyonline gaming portal in India among patrons and Poker lovers. With a vastvariety of Poker tournaments and game offerings the online Poker portal foundedby Poker Badshah, Amin Rozani, has been the hotspot forPoker aficionados since its inception. The Association of Spartan Pokerand Rannvijay Singh have been in talks since a really long time which is thevery reason they finally decided to make it publically official.On his association with The Spartan Poker, Rannvijay Singh said, "Itis exciting to be associated as the first brand ambassador of The SpartanPoker, an online poker brand that has fast become one of the most sought afterdestinations on the internet to play Poker. Having used the portal myself, Ihave come to realize that Poker is a skill based game, and while physicalfitness is important, mental fitness is equally important too. It’s a thinkinggame that puts your mind to task, and has hence proved to be a wonderful toolthrough which everyone can build and enhance their analytical and logical skillsets.” 

Speaking onthe association Amin Rozani, MD and Co-founder The SpartanPoker said, “Poker is a game of skills and mind boggling challenges, Rannvijaynot only understands the game properly but also abides by the rules of thegame. He is an excellent poker player. As a youth icon who is so bold andcanny, I think Rannvijay is a perfect fit for The Spartan Poker to make peopleaware of poker as an intellectual game, sport and not just gambling”

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