Rapido Bike to launch its operation in Shillong

Shillong, 10 April 2019: Rapido Bike to launch its operations in Shillong. The registrations of bike riders who are known as “Captains” has already started and soon after the registering at least 100 Captains, Rapido will flag off its services in the city. Rapido is a Bengaluru-based organisation which offers a novel take on an age-old concept of transportation by replacing the conventional four-wheeler taxis with bikes. The organisation wants to tackle the issues that commuters face due to heavy traffic conditions, especially during the morning rush hours. It offers commuters the alternative option of a bike instead of a car or public transport to navigate through traffic snarls quickly and reach your destination on time. India’s largest Bike taxi service, Rapido is now operational across 40 cities in India.

Jeetesh, Regional Manager for Rapido, says, “After Guwahati, we are now planning to start our operations in Shillong. This will be our second city in the North East. Shillong is a market where Rapido can get lots of solo travelers to travel around the city, this will also generate employment opportunities for both local male and female riders.” On an average a Rapido Captain (Riders) earn 25,000 in a month, added Jeetesh.

How to be a Rapido Captain: People can sign up as Captains and earn a decent living. Apart from this, Rapido also stresses on the employment opportunities for people. To be a Rapido Captain, all you should have- a two-wheeler, an android phone, and a legal driving license. They can sign up as Captains and earn a decent living. Currently, many Rapido Captains in India earn up to Rs. 25K a month. Rapido offers its Captains a part of the cost of the ride, along with many other benefits.

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