Realme 1, with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, launched at INR 13,990

Bangalore May 15, 2018 –Realme, the new e-commerce sub-brand of smartphone giant OPPO, today launched its first device, Realme 1, targeted at the youth of the country. The phone comes with the World’s first 12nm AI CPU MediaTek Helio P60 together with AI Shot Technology and a huge 6GB RAM+128GB ROM storage version, offering the highest cost to value product in India. The 6.0” FHD+ Full Screen of Realme 1 is complemented by an ‘Art of Light’ design in Diamond black, with exquisite details crafted for young users.

Realme 1will be exclusively available from May 25th, 12 noon on India’s largestmarketplace,, with the 3GB RAM+32GB ROM version priced at INR 8,990and the 6GB RAM+128GB ROM version price at INR 13,990 in Diamond Black andSolar Red. A third variant of Realme1 with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, available inMoonlight Silver and Diamond Black priced at INR 10,990 will go online for salein June this year.


Realme 1buyers will be offered a No Cost EMI on with exciting offers for SBIcardholders, 5% cash back, and for Jio customers a cashback of INR 4850/-.Realme 1 buyers will also be offered Amazon Prime deliveries for their orders.


Introducingbrand Realme and announcing the launch of its first device, Madhav SethChiefExecutive OfficerRealme India, said, “With Realme, our intention isto evolve the current Indian online smartphone market by offering Premium-midrange smartphones that deliver a delightful user experience. Realme 1, ourfirst offering, is focused at the young online consumers and is primed to be amarket disruptor with the most stylish design, stunning specs along with superbquality and the most satisfying service in the mid price range. Realme 1 istoday the most affordable combination of best design and top performance in thecountry.”


Realme with a range of devices ‘Madefor and in India’, will share OPPO’s two manufacturing facilities in thecountry. Manufactured by OPPO factories, the brand will offer beautifullydesigned and power packed choices of extremely high quality in sub INR 15,000range. Realme customers will have access to over 500 OPPO service centersacross India with guaranteed 90% of repair cases resolved within an hour. Alongwith online service supports, Realme is offering a 360-degree customer servicesystem.

Powerfulperformance configuration that can satisfy the needs of young people

When itcomes to mobile phone performance, the three key pain points for young peopleare system freezing, fast power consumption, and insufficient memory. Realme 1is precisely built to address these three issues for the Real and ultimate userexperience.  With 6GB RAM, users can run as many as 20 apps at one gowithout hanging. They can dabble between apps to be the ultimate multi taskersthe on the go generation demands. Realme 1 also lets you keep up with your needfor downloading all your favorite music, all of your favorite series and moviesand capture lots of life moments in selfies, pictures and videos with its 128GBROM storage.


Realme 1is powered by Mediatek’s HelioP60 NeuroPilot AI technology, giving the devicean enhanced edge, particularly in photography, real-time beautification,real-time video previews and more. With12nm">#222222;mso-fareast-language:EN-IN">With12nm FinFET technology, MediaTek Helio P60 delivers incredible energyefficiency to extend device battery life. Realme1’s processing speed is brilliantly faster with 50% overall performanceimprovement and up to 25% power efficiency than other devices in the segment.


When itcomes to battery management, the AI processor, by learning and establishing theusage habits of users over time, can smartly allocate the tasks to each coreand shut down some apps to improve the power efficiency. The 3410mAh battery +AI battery management promise + the sharp AI processor which is also a masterof temperature control, won’t let longer and higher usage affect itsperformance. 


T L LeeGeneral ManagerWireless Communication BusinessMediaTek,said: “We congratulate Realme for debuting the incredible Realme1 device withan affordable price tag. To be associated with Realme is the beginning ofanother successful score in our longstanding partnership. We share values whenit comes to continuously innovating on future-first technologies and delivergreater value for our customers. With MediaTek’s Helio P60, Realme 1 hasflagship features such as deep-learning facial detection, object and sceneidentification, fluid gaming experiences and smarter camera functions due toits NeuroPilot AI capabilities.”


"Artof Light" - a new Diamond Black design that brings art as well as tech toyoung people

Youngpeople like to be creative and independent, seeking unique designs that makethem different. Realme 1 goes beyond the monotonous design commonly seen inmobile phones to a design that replicates an effect of suspendedthree-dimensional gemstones creating a Real and distinctive appearance intendedfor the young.


TheDiamond Black design, inspired by Sapphire, makes full use of the “Art ofLight” with consistent patterns of slightly different sizes at the back of thephone. The reflection at the back of the device changes with different anglesof light, producing an effect as exquisite as a diamond.


The back cover of Realme 1 uses a12-layer nanotech composite material made by 10-nanometer titanium and20-nanometer Niobium oxides carefully polished and crafted to create a shinyand luxurious metallic luster at the back. Also, the "bright polishedframe" uses complex 7-layer processing where the unibody is first formedand then drilled. This strengthens the integrity of the wholesome look withexquisite details so that the touch and feel of the phone are significantlyimproved.

Super FullScreen and Full Screen Multitasking for the most intuitive full screenexperienceThe 6-inch FHD+ Full Screen of Realme 1 gives young people a moreintuitive full screen experience. With a screen boy ratio of almost 85% andbezels less than 1.98 mm, the immersive screen of Realme 1 will not onlyprovide clearer and more colorful images but will give a better experience whenwatching videos and playing games.


AI shotfor selfies that capture the real you

The AIShot included in Realme 1, acts as a personal beauty artist to customize beautybased on your unique facial features so that your photos will "capture thereal you". The AI Shot captures 296 facial points and divides the faceinto zones to perform finer beauty enhancements. This helps to keep the detailsthat highlight your distinctive features for a more realistic and naturaleffect.


AI Shotcan also analyze the age, gender, skin tone and skin type of the selfie subjectto provide different beauty schemes according to the characteristics ofdifferent groups. It also supports beautification for group selfies, perfectingmany faces at once by applying the most appropriate beauty scheme to each face.


Also,Realme 1 aims to satisfy the need for photo editing and social sharing. Realme1 comes with its own AR Sticker function and is immediately available for usewithout the need to download any app. At the same time, stickers are supportedin both front and back photography as well as video recording, offering youngusers the most convenient and fun photography experience.


The 13MPrear camera also features the AI Scene Recognition which can intelligently andaccurately identify different scenes and objects in real-time to tune theperfect balance of brightness, exposure, color and contrast. Both the front andrear cameras can seamlessly evoke a professional bokeh effect by shifting thefocal point onto the subject of the photograph. The Vivid Mode helps addbrightness and colors to the background while keeping the face natural.


NewColorOS 5.0 based on Android 8.1 with Speedy Facial Unlock

To improvecomfort when using the phone, ColorOS 5.0 UI based on Android 8.1 has beencompletely revamped with a brand new and fresh interface design that is easy onthe eyes.


Theenhanced Facial Unlock function can accurately identify 296 facial points toprovide better security and takes less than 0.1 seconds to unlock your phone,even in low-light conditions.


Usersafety is the strength of Realme 1 and users can use a passcode to protect theapps to prevent access by strangers, place confidential files in a passwordprotected Safe Box, hide selected apps from public view and safeguard personalinformation from third-party apps for greater security.


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