RED FM and BIG Bazaar join hands to create the biggest shopping bag in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, 22nd January, 2018: This Sunday, Big Bazaar and REDFM joined hands in creating the biggest shopping bag in Bengaluru. Onlookers at GT World Mall, Magadi Road gaped in wonder at the shopping bag which was over 30 feet in height and had a small door for people to get in and get lifted inside the basket. This was unveiled on 21st January, by the Guest of Honour and Sandalwood Star – Sanjjanaa Galrani. The unveiling of the bag, inaugurates the sale with the lowest prices of the season for 5 days at Big Bazaar.

Hordes ofon-lookers were present at GT World Mall in Magadi Road, as this innovationunfolded itself. This enormous bag was maneuverered by a huge crane which alsolifted a make-shift studio through the bag and into the air. This levitatingstudio held RED FM RJs and Sanjjanaa Galrani, who engaged the crowd presenton-ground and made it an unforgettable evening for Bengalureans.

RED FM istalking about this on their station, tune in and be witness to the biggestshopping bag in Bangalore, only at GT World Mall, Magadi Road.

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