Red Hat Expands Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program Footprint in APAC

New Delhi – September 11, 2017 – Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that cloud and managed services providers in India, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore have joined its Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program, helping them to better meet customer needs for cloud-based technologies.

Since itslaunch in 2015, hundreds of cloud and service providers have achieveddesignation to deliver Red Hat solutions across the global marketplace.Globally, nine out of the 14 cloud service providers included in Gartner's2017 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Worldwide areRed Hat Certified Cloud and Service Providers. In APAC, some of the newest RedHat Certified Cloud and Service Providers include: Diadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd(India); IndonesianCloud (Indonesia); Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co.,Ltd. (Japan); Prodevans Technologies (India); and STT Connect (Singapore). 

Cloudprovider models have expanded beyond multi-tenant public clouds to includeprivate cloud build-outs, Linux container-based infrastructure andPlatform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, and the Red Hat Certified Cloud andService Provider program was created to offer additional flexibility to helpsolution providers better meet customer the needs for cloud-based Red Hattechnologies. In 2016, the program won the inaugural Channelnomics Innovation Awards “Partner Program ofthe Year” distinction. 

By using aRed Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider, customers and partners can usecustom-developed or third-party ISV applications certified on Red HatEnterprise Linux and other Red Hat solutions with greater confidence that theseapplications will function when used on a public cloud or managed serviceprovider. Certain Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Providers also offer RedHat Cloud Access, enabling customers to more easily migrate eligible, unusedsubscriptions to cloud environments and realize the benefits of hybrid cloud onselect Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Providers. Of the newly named RedHat Certified Cloud and Service Providers, Mitsubishi Research Institute DCSCo., Ltd. is enabled for Red Hat Cloud Access for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

Red Hatawards the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider designation to partnersfollowing validation by Red Hat. Each provider must meet certificationrequirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a safe, scalable, supportedand consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments. Theglobally-unified program provides customers, ISVs, and partners with theconfidence that Red Hat product experts have validated a given partner’ssolution so that implementations can begin with a solid foundation. 


AndrewHabgood, director, cloud partners, Asia Pacific, Red Hat

“We areexcited to expand Red Hat’s ecosystem and capitalize on the interest in openhybrid cloud in APAC. The Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider programis an important designation, as it can open opportunities for cloud and serviceproviders to differentiate their services, introduce new revenue streams andexpand their businesses. We look forward to the continued collaboration withthese members of our program as they work to grow their businesses with Red Hatopen source solutions.” 

HridayBiyani, founder and CEO, Diadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“Red HatCertified Cloud and Service Provider designation provides a strong solutionframework that enables us to provide our customers with hybrid cloud platformsor host them on our public cloud, built completely on Red Hat solutions. WithRed Hat’s wide range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), PaaS and middlewaresolution stacks, we can provide our customers with highly scalable andenterprise-grade cloud solutions — an advantage in today’s increasinglycompetitive marketplace.” 

YudhiHaryadi, chief technology officer, IndonesianCloud

“Being apart of Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program can helpour customers’ cloud journeys with more scalable, reliable and cost-effectivetechnology solutions. The certification enables our customers to implementstrategic business systems and improve their efficiency. The program also helpsus in our mission as we strive to be a leading enterprise cloud servicesprovider in Indonesia." 

PVAneesh, CEO, Prodevans Technologies

“Prodevanshas collaborated with Red Hat to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers.Over the years, Red Hat has supported us and helped us deliver innovativesolutions with Red Hat technologies under IaaS, PaaS and middleware solutionsstack. Becoming a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider has enabled usto provide dynamic and innovative solutions that can meet our customers’ needs,thus Red Hat has become an important part of our go-to-market strategy.“ 

DavidRobinson, chief technology officer, STT Connect 

“As aprivate cloud infrastructure provider, we are responsible in integrating manyindustry technologies to deliver more secure, enterprise-grade private cloudthat are designed to meet businesses’ most stringent security requirements. Beinga Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider allows us to develop ourbusinesses based on enterprise-ready open source technologies, and deliver oursolutions in a more seamless manner.” 


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