Re-discover Goa with Deltin Casinos

The charming beach state of India, Goa has held the attention of travellers for decades. Is it the pristine beaches? The delicious food? Or the myriad experiences that the state offers? We think it’s a unique combination of everything.

Standing out in Goa’s varied list of experiences for travelers is the Deltin Casinos. Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk and Deltin Caravela – a trio of casinos which offers luxury travellers an experience that is hard to match.

Reminiscent of Las Vegas casinos, the Deltin Casinos holds its own with an undeniable old-world charm and contemporary decor. It offers a variety of  international and local games right from  poker, Indian flush, baccarat, blackjack , 3-card poker, money wheel  roulette and many more– there is enough and more to keep every evening rolling.

Deltin Royale is Asia’s largest off shore casino and is nothing short of a dream. Without a dull moment, the casino offers you the best of everything gaming & Entertainment.

If your evening is incomplete without music, you can head to the entertainment deck which promises enthralling performances including international dance acts and music to set your mood right. Deltin Royale lives upto its promise of an unforgettable evening. In fact, some travelers believe that if you had only one day to experience Goa – an evening here should be on the top of your list.

Deltin Casinos is not just one of the experiences that Goa offers, in fact; it’s the only experience that counts if you are looking for something different.

What makes Deltin Casinos among the best experiences in Goa is its effortless ability to awe travellers. Whether it’s your first visit here or the tenth, the larger-than-life experience is captivating every single time.

So when in Goa, if you need the complete Deltin experience, book yourself a stay at the Deltin Suites & enjoy  luxury and gaming with the Deltin Group .

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