New Delhi, August 28, 2017: Renault, one of the fastest growing automotive brands in India, made two important announcements today, reflecting Renault’s ambitions to continue to grow its presence in India. Firstly, as part of its strong product offensive strategy and commitment to breakthrough product innovations, Renault will expand its product range with the launch of its new game changer, Renault CAPTUR, a PREMIUM SUV with strong CROSSOVER DNA.

Furthermore, Renault crossed themilestone of 300 dealership outlets in India, which makes it oneof the fastest network ramp-ups in the automotiveindustry, matched with pioneering initiatives to augment the customerexperience.   

Commenting on these two developments, Mr.Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO and ManagingDirector, Renault India Operations, said“India is animportant market for Renault’s global growth plans and we have a thoroughbusiness strategy to grow our presence across the country. This is reflected byour strong product strategy, our rapid network expansion and fervent efforts toensure customer delight. We have expanded our product portfolio to best suitthe Indian customer and focusing on new and emerging segments to drive volumes.The SUV segment, which is amongst the fastest growing segments in the Indianautomobile industry, has witnessed increasing customer attention to stylingand design elements which are playing an important rolein the purchase decision.” 

“We are delighted to announce that we will launch our premium feature loaded Renault CAPTUR inIndia this year, which has delivered global success and is widely acclaimed forits stunning design expressive design. CAPTUR has sold over amillion cars worldwide and will enhance our product portfolio as we aim to growour presence in the SUV segment in India. Like all our offerings in India,there will high levels of innovation and customisation in the Renault CAPTUR thatwill be launched in India, to best suite the Indian customers.” 

Renault CAPTUR has a sensual crossover French designwith expressive styling, clearly reflecting Renault’s newdesign DNA, which has played a big role in its global success. Renault CAPTUR hasbeen crafted to appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes and desires. It bringsforth the best from the world of Renault in terms of style and designing, inline with Renault’s recent product introductions. Renault has an aggressiveplan to successfully launch CAPTUR in India, with severalinnovative initiatives planned over the next few months. 

On the network expansion front, Renault has takensystematic steps to ensure that the Renault brand becomes more accessibleacross the country. Given the diversity of the Indian landscape and customerdemographics, Renault’s efforts towards expanding its network are investedtactically to cater to customers in metro cities as well as across tier II-IVcities. With this, Renault has a clear vision of taking the brand to newermarkets, aspiring to be amongst the top 5 automotive brands in the country by2020. 

The current network of 300 dealership outlets across the country hasbeen designed according to the RENAULTSTORE concept. RENAULTSTORE isa new generation of dealerships which has been conceptualized to best addressthe evolving needs of the customers by highlighting the value of the brand,products, services and accessories in a modern and more effective manner.

Renault India has undertaken many first-of-its kind after-salesinitiatives to offer a seamless brand ownership experience to its customers.The company has introduced a slew of initiatives including Renault SECURE,Renault ASSIST, Renault ASSURE, Workshop on Wheels (WoW), customer apps andregular customer service camps. Renault India has also recently launched‘Passion on Wheels’, a fully functional mobile showroom to reach out to thecustomers in smaller markets and give them an experience of the Renaultbrand. 

“Having completed a little over five years of operations in India,we are already the number one European brand in the country. We have along-term commitment to this dynamic automobile market. We will continueto aggressively ramp up our service network as well as build on our productoffensive strategy to drive volumes in India. While doing this, we willcontinue to introduce several unique and pioneering value-added services thatmake our customers’ lives easier, reflective of our brand ideology, Passion forLife”, Mr. Sawhney added.

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