Renowned Novelist Sudeep Nagarkar launches his new book “She Friend-Zoned My Love”

India, May 2018: Sudeep Nagarkar, one of India’s best-selling novelist and fiction writer has recently launched his new book “She Friend-Zoned My Love” and is travelling to various cities for the same. Based onFriend-Zoning, the book also focuses on Body Shaming, a major issue that at some point of time affects the life of today’s generation.

Sitcoms sofrequently use overweight characters as the basis of humor. It hasalways been accepted and rarely challenged. With the central characters in thebook, Sudeep unfolds this objectionable scenario while also explainingthe psyche behind Friend-zoning. Connecting both these issues, hewants to make his readers realize the importance of self-compassion. 

Through thebook, Sudeep has tried to explain how the Instagram inspiredzero-figure and six-pack abs imageis taking a toll on today’s youth’smindsets. In order to be accepted in the society and peer groups, even thehighly educated tries to fit in the general FB/Insta influenced perception onlooks. It has become a trend tobeautify one's appearance toavoid being trolled with nasty comments and cyberbullying.With one of the lead characters Sia, the author highlights this problem throughher journey of fighting depression due to weight issues. 

Sudeep isknown for his pure romantic novels but he always attempts to pen-down a storywith a message for the youth. Considering that his target audienceis in the age group of 15-30, Sudeep’s idea is to inject a sense of wisdomand practicality through his works. Unlike sugar-coating a regularlove story, Sudeep experiments with the book to make his readers facethe real world challenges

Talkingabout his book, Sudeep Nagarkar says, “She Friend-Zoned MyLove” evokes the need to revive from theglitch of the social media world andget connected to the real-time world. Though social media has connected usvirtually to everyone around the world, we are the loneliestgeneration. Through the three leading characters Apurvv, Amrya and Sia thebook explores the psychology behind friend-zoning, the struggle formaintaining the bond of friendship after being friend-zoned and the willingnessto overcome from thedepression of body-shaming.” 

Publishedby Penguin Publishers the book is now available onAmazon, Flipkart, Shop Clues, Book Adda (Sapna Online), along with most of themajor offline stores across India.

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