Research Links Employee Volunteering with Happier Customers

SAN FRANCISCO/INDIA, March 27, 2018: Zendesk (NSYE: ZEN), a company that makes software to help organizations build the best customer experiences, today released the results of a research study it commissioned from Drexel University exploring the link between employee volunteering and customer and employee satisfaction at Zendesk.

The findingsshow that customer service agents who volunteer are 11 percent more likelyto be among the highest performers for the Customer SatisfactionRatings Test (CSAT), every time they volunteer.

Furthermore,employees who have volunteered at least four times between January andAugust of 2017 are three times more likely to be among the highestperformers on empathy, as measured by Zendesk quality assurance.

The surveyalso found that volunteering is associated with:

  • Increased Help-Seeking Behavior - the more agents volunteered together, the more they felt comfortable seeking help from their peers at work;
  • More Empathetic Behavior - Encouraging advocates to “put themselves in the shoes” of individuals within communities facing difficulties has a “spill-over effect” where  advocates then more easily “put themselves in the shoes” of customers;
  • Increased Job Satisfaction - Advocates at Zendesk said that CSR makes them more loyal to Zendesk, more satisfied in their job, and instills in them a greater pride in the surrounding community. 

“The Drexelsurvey findings put numbers behind what we at Zendesk have understood for years-- there is a  strong correlation between encouraging employees tocontribute to the communities around them and making them more engagedemployees in the workplace,” said Tiffany Apczynski, Zendesk’s VP of PublicPolicy & Social Impact. “Customer service comes down to relationships, andvolunteering helps strengthen interpersonal skills. We hope that othercompanies will be inspired by these results to make social responsibilityefforts an integral part of their  company culture.”

Click here to read the full Zendesk and Drexel Universitystudy.

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