Resource Center of Ancient Medical Books and Manuscripts launched

Bangalore, February 19: Ayurveda knowledge system has captured the essential and unchanging principles of nature and on this foundation has built applications for changing circumstances of health and disease of humans, animals and plant life, said Her Highness Pramoda Devi Wadiyar here today.

She wasspeaking after inaugurating ‘Digital Resource Center of Ancient Medical Booksand Manuscripts’ in Trans Disciplinary University, Yelahanka today. New centerwas launched to mark “Indian Medical Heritage Day” which was started in memoryof ‘His Highness Srikantadatta Wadiyar’. A series of interesting lectures onthe theme of Ayurveda Wellness (Swastha) and regenerative biology too was held.

Ayurvedadeveloped and evolved into what it is today from several ancient treatises,most notably Adharva Veda which dates back to five thousand years. It has atreasure of solutions for our present lifestyle illnesses, she opined.

The newDigital Resource Centre of ancient medical manuscripts and books will enableusers to access ancient palm-leaf and paper manuscripts concerning variousfields and topics of traditional Indian medicine at the click of a button. Theresource centre also houses the digital copies of rare and out-of-print bookson the Indian systems of medicine. Apart from this, one can access an exclusivedigital, searchable, thematic catalogue of more than 17,000 manuscripts onmedicine that are housed in various manuscript-repositories and libraries allover India. Both the digital resource centre and electronic catalogue ofmanuscripts are pioneering tasks undertaken by FRLHT-TDU. This digital resourcecentre and catalogue will be of immense assistance to expert practitioners,researchers and advanced students of Ayurveda and other Indian systems ofmedicine.

Ms. ShwetaRawat, Chairperson, The Hans Foundation, New Delhi, Swami Sunildas, Founder,Sneham Charitable Trust, Dr. Arun Madhavan, Art of Living Foundation, Ms.Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Classical Dancer, Mr. Raghavendra Auradkar, I.P.S, ADGP,Executive Director and General Manager of Canara Bank and many other werepresent on the occasion.

CSRinitiative: Recognising yeoman services of Institute of Ayurveda andIntegrative Medicine (I-AIM), major public sector bank Canara Bank handed overa diagnostic ambulance to refine former’s services to the society.

Based inYelahanka I-AIM has been conducting free health checkup camps in surroundingvillages. It includes pre-natal and post-natal checkups, screening for diabetesand blood pressure and eye checkups. Newly added vehicle will have onlineconsultation facility for camps and patient transfers.

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