Response for banning junk and pre-packaged foods within 50 meters from school premises

The responses from industry regarding Karnataka State Government's decision to implement the ban issued by Food and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on the sale of junk and pre-packaged foods within 50 meters of the school campuses".

Mr. Pramod Srinivas, Founder, TGIS - The Global Indian School @ JP Nagar - The Government is taking stringent steps to ban colas , burgers, pizzas and other junk food in school canteens and to be sold near the schools within 50 meters from December 2019 . The food safety standards  are being  regulated and looked into by the ministry of health . I am very happy with the the Eat Right campaign . The kids eat the packaged food which is high in fat and it leads to obesity in kids . Many vendors are selling a lot of junk in the name of nutrition . If we as a school have solidarity and stand together and don’t encourage junks to be sold and hold Health talks in our school, we can have a better generation of kids growing up healthy and fit. 

At TGIS- The Global Indian School we have developed a GET FIT programme which encourages the kids to choose any two sport to remain FIT . Their food which we provide in school is a holistic meal with nutritional value. Health reports will be  generated and periodic health check ups will be held to avoid juvenile diabetes and other health related issues.  

Ms. Usha Iyer, Director, TGSB - The Green School Bangalore - I totally vouch for the ban on junk food in school canteen and near the schools . I have implemented this in the Bangalore school seven years back . We don’t allow any junk food coming into school and the kids are counselled periodically about the ill health and side effects . In my bigger campus the Green School Bangalore we provide kids organically grown foods . The kids love eating this meal and parents are also happy as we don’t charge for all the three meals . The menu is made by kids and teachers with nutritional value and calorie count. 

We have made yoga compulsory for kids and teachers and Ear RiGHT seems to be STRESS FREE is the motto of TGSB - The Green School Bangalore. I love the campaign and the measures taken by the Karnataka Government.

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