Ride To The Roots, the untold story of Nucleya

July 2017: Legions of crazed fans chant his name everywhere he goes, lining up in hundreds to get a glimpse of their hero, and be the first to acquire tickets to any show he plays. For Nucleya, in recent years this has become a daily phenomenon, but it wasn’t always this way. Raised in Ahmedabad, Udyan Sagar – now known, of course, as Nucleya – struggled to make it out and make it big, producing music in his bedroom for years before he was recognised. To premiere on VH1 on 15th August, Ride To The Roots retraces his journey; from growing up in a city where it was almost impossible to be an electronic musician, to becoming one of the most relevant independent music artists to have come out of India.

The documentary sees Nucleya return home to Ahmedabad– a city he moved to when he was three years old – to a touching reunion withhis parents, as well as a mammoth homecoming gig atop the Red Bull Tour Bus,with close to 10,000 fans in attendance. As he gets nostalgic about thefamiliarity of the streets of his hometown, his parents fondly reminisce aboutUdyan, the child – a naughty, energetic young boy, who was often dressed ingirls’ clothing by his mother. 

During the course of the story, viewers are alsointroduced to some of the people and places closest to Nucleya – his wife,Smriti, and son, Guri, in their serene, current home in Goa; his brother,Nitin, who played the role of a protective older sibling while they weregrowing up; and the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad – the placethat introduced Nucleya to his wife. 

Watch the trailer here: www.redbull.com/in-en/ride-to%20-the-roots-the-untold-story-of-nucleya

And: www.facebook.com/redbull/videos/10159253671445352/ 

Says Nucleya, “Looking back at my journey,from growing up in Ahmedabad – where there was absolutely no gig scene in thenights, and it wasn’t easy to be an electronic music producer – to now, whereI’ve been lucky enough to play music festivals across the country and world,and release albums in the most unique ways, I’m humbled by everything I’ve beenable to achieve. It’s been an incredible journey, and retracing it through RideTo The Roots, with so many of the people who’ve made it possible, was veryspecial.” 

Through tales retold and places revisited, over thecourse of the half-hour episode fans are introduced to a side of Nucleya that’slittle known thus far. From managers, former and current, who were instrumentalin shaping his career, to his wife, who he counts as his constant support overthe years, Ride To The Roots explores the stories that shaped Nucleya the man,and Nucleya the musician. 

From his beginnings as an electronic musician withBandish Projekt, to selling out stadiums and releasing albums with a processionduring Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai, the story of Nucleya is as inspiring as itis fascinating.

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