Roadster rides upon a new brand campaign – The Road is Waiting

Bengaluru, September 6, 2017: Roadster, one of the leading casual outdoorsy lifestyle brands in the country, just launched a new brand campaign - The Road is Waiting. The integrated campaign reinforces the brand’s promise as a trusted highway companion for the young and restless. The commercial, created for TV and digital, is a rallying cry to explore the road and it’s multitude of experiences, drawing straight from the brand’s signature state of constant transit.

Thecommercial introduces viewers to “the gap in the world”, a special place in theworld outside that waits to be claimed by you and me - those guilty of beingcaught up in the hustle of everyday life. This space is full of stories andexperiences that is forever reserved for its intended owner. The underlyingbrand message is simple; that the highway life is incomplete without those wholive through it and with this campaign; Roadster looks to call out to theviewer, egging them to find this gap and fill it.

The filmtreatment feeds into the spirit of an open invitation - from the different,youthful voices in the narrative, to the protagonists breaking the fourth wallto acknowledge the viewer as they consume the experiences on screen and not inperson. The messaging speaks of Roadsters making experiences happen for them,as against simply being at the right places at the right time.

It’s worthnoting that the film was shot entirely in India - a call the brand has takenthus far for every campaign, so that the depicted experiences are within easyreach for the Indian viewer. This sentiment of accessibility has always beenclose to the brand’s heart and reflected in the campaign’s social media legs.

Thepreviously male-centric and individualistic brand persona has also grown toinclude those who identify better with group experiences, not to mention agrowing focus on female roadsters that has made Roadster, the largest sellingbrand on Myntra. 

Commentingon the new brand campaign, Gunjan Soni, Head, Jabong & CMO, Myntra,said, “Roadsterhas created a unique positioning in its own right and emerged a winner. This360-degree campaign, while focusing on the brand story, also focuses on thebrand’s product offerings. We want to be top of mind when a consumer isthinking of a great wardrobe fit for his or her journeys on the road.  Thiscampaign is a tribute to those passionate explorers who have treaded paths lessexplored and is an inspiration to all those who aspire to experience it.”

ManoharKamath, Chief - Myntra Fashion Brands said,  “Roadster is one of the fastest growingapparel brands in the country today and its brand philosophy lies in waking theexplorer within, helping people experience and realizing their passion for theroad. The new campaign beckons the viewers hoping to entice them and make thementhusiastic to go on a journey themselves. We have strategically looked atensuring the brand message and its product offering comes through effectivelyby using diverse set of mediums including TVC, OOH and Digital.”

Roadster isknown for its innovative campaigns from the past such as the GTFO (Get The F***Out) campaign with actor Ranveer Singh and the ‘PocketMan’ campaign – a livehuman experiment to interactively demonstrate how a person could live entirelyout of their jeans for 48 hours. Pocketman’s innovative campaign also wonBronze at the Effies 2015. The one of a kind social experiment“RoadsterRoadtrip Experience project” won a bronze as well. Today Roadster hasestablished itself as the bestselling brand on Myntra through a product range(including denims, trousers, shirts, tees, footwear and more for men &women) that is rapidly growing in popularity among its young audience.

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