Roadtrippers Club Bengaluru connects the city's road travelers through its Milestone Diaries

Bengaluru August 24, 2018: This weekend join the Roadtrippers Club as they conduct their Milestone Diaries connecting the seasoned road trippers with the budding road tripping community of the city. The event which is free for all, post registration on will be held at 91springboard, Koramangala on August 26th (Sunday) from 3 pm to 7:30 pm. At the event one will get to meet and interact with speakers - Ejji K Umamahesh, Meenakshi Sai, Aditya Raj Kapoor and Shreya Sundar ,There will also be an engaging panel discussion with Prateek. Chaturvedi, R15 Owners Club, Dinesh Kumar, Founder of Bangalore TUV Owners Club, Girish Guru, Member Tata SOUL, Srinidhi S Hebbur, Chairperson of Association of Biking Community and Rav Indra, Co-Owner Tata Safari Group (TSG). Where the speakers will speak about their own experiences and learning, the panel discussion will be on the role of clubs in popularizing road trips, public perceptions on road trips and much more. Ejji K Umamahesh is a former 2 & 4 track racer. and a leading iconic international rallies participant since 2004, He is the only Indian to drive into Timbuktu and is the Ex-Deputy Secretary of the Formula One Indian Grand Prix. Meenakshi Arvind who will also be a speaker at this event has driven across the USA, India - Thailand. She led XPD 24/70 in 2017 - 24 countries in 70 days and road tripped solo in Estonia, Latvia and Lithunia! Aditya Raj Kapoor, another eminent speaker, is a retired businessman, part time actor, full time biker. He rode solo for 35,000 kms round the World across 15 countries in 2017. He is also the son of the legendary actor - Shammi Kapoor. The quartet of interesting speakers is completed by Shreya Sundar Iyer who began riding at the age of 17, She was the first female in a professional motor racing team in India and also the first female participant in the National Rally Championship to have won a silver! She is also a professional singer and a Woman Achiever’s Award 2017 by the Central Government. To add on to the amazing time that one would experience with these speakers the Milestone Diaries will also have the below panelists for the discussion: Dinesh Kumar: Founder of Bangalore TUV Owners Club. Passionate about driving and electro music. Problem solver for anything to do with the TUV. Girish Guru: Proud Hexa owner. Die-hard travel enthusiast. 1000kms = piece of cake. Moderator of TATA Soul, Bangalore. Nature lover. Have road? Will drive Prateek Chaturvedi: Photography and Motorcycle Enthusiast. Better known as Mystic Rider Prateek. 50,000 km in 3 yrs. Moderator of R15 Riders club – Bangalore. Gets high on mountains, tea estates and back waters. Srinidhi S Hebbur: Elected Chairperson of Association of Biking Community for the year 2017-18. Executive President of Bajaj Avenger Club – India. Advocate by profession and big foodie by choice! Rav Indra: Co-Founder Tata Safari Group (TSG) – Bangalore. Have wheels, will drive. Photographer, biker and marathon runner. Vineet Rajan, a core member of the Roadtrippers club team says, "The philosophy of the club is to help the locals travel more often and learn while they travel. Each chapter has its champions who help coordinate the activities on the field. For Bangalore Vaibhav Dewan, Utsav Sriram and Dheerajj Shenoy have been instrumental in ensuring that everything, both off and on the road, is planned to the T. We welcome every one at Bengaluru who is passionate about road trips to join us and especially come for the Milestone Dairies on Sunday as they will not only hear from experience roadtrippers but also connect with fellow road travel enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing you there!"

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