Roposo emerges as India's homegrown digital platform

New Delhi, August 18, 2017: Move out of yesterday and get on the Roposo juggernaut, as it lets the star in every Indian shine through by bringing the spotlight on their stories and connecting them with like-minded audiences. Users can share their lives with the world, through interesting tweaks on their videos and photos. Be a creator as well as a consumer of content pertaining to your personal interests, asRoposo truly democratises the digital space with its latest avatar of 'TV by the people'.

Being a usercentric platform, Roposo has always evolved owing to its users demands. Aleading fashion social network of the country, Roposo observed that its userswere sharing their lives extensively through the platform – there was a needfor a space where people can express and connect freely, and also showcasetheir talent. Standing up to the expectations of its 4 million users, Roposo isnow an open platform - there’s a plethora of content to be discovered, andIndians have a great potential as producers. Since 2016, Roposo’s userengagement has increased 100% – from 2,00,000 posts a month to 15,000 posts aday. To top it all, with a thriving Bazaar of home sellers, Roposo targets arevenue of 120,000 dollars a month in a year’s time. The unique Indian platformaims to break-even by mid 2018. 

Roposo is atailor-made platform for the Indian millennials - extremely interactive,super-fun, and easy-to-use while packing in features that amplify every storyinto a unique experience! The all new TV-like browsing enables the usersto enjoy auto-play posts and a full-screen view - discovering a whole newsocial world. An array of themes – Gabru, Top-Notch, Musafir, Ha-Ha TV,and a lot more – have something for everyone, users can watch what they likeaccording to their mood and preferences. 

Withcreative desi GIF stickers users can now add a bit of themselves to theirstories and up that oomph factor at the same time. The app lets the users addvoice-overs and music to their homemade videos and photos – personalising thewhole experience. Interest based channels give the users a platform to showcasetheir talents and connect with an audience that resonates their thoughts andopinions – every Roposo user is a star, and the world is their stage. 

India haslong awaited a digital platform it could call its own – a space that celebratesthe everyday life of Indians, and each one’s individuality in this trulydiverse country. The campaign #TrulySwadeshi further underlines Roposo'spresence as the all-in-one digital stage for thecosmopolitan-yet-truly-Swadeshi users to show the world the stories,experiences, style, and substance of Indians! It allows users to show the worldwhatever they are doing, wherever they are, in the most engaging way! Throughanimated stickers based on popular Indian catchphrases, Roposo enhances everyexperience manifold and stamps its authority as the only #TrulySwadeshi appthat Indians need! 

Commentingon the latest launch, Mayank Bhangadia, CEO and Co-founder, Roposo, said,"Roposo is the quintessential and comprehensive expression station ofIndia. Every user on Roposo can consume, as well as share experiences andcontent according to their liking. Videos are the new trend, and we are here tomake the best of it. Creating a unique 'TV by the people' experience on thedigital domain - Roposo will act as a fresh outlet for users to let their innerstars shine on a global platform!" 

Fun, unique,and unabashedly Indian, Roposo is the definitive digital platform that meetsthe communication needs of its users in a trademark Indian way! In its uniqueappeal and modern aesthetics, Roposo still retains the core of India, remainingtrue to its #TrulySwadeshi outlook!

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