Rural Dialysis Patients have twice the mortality rate as Urban Patients in India

National 2nd July, 2018: NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis provider in India recently conducted an extensive clinical study across 85 cities in 18 states of India pertaining to mortality data on dialysis. Based on the study conducted among 16,000 patients across India, the report reveals that patients residing in rural areas have a 1-year mortality of 22% compared to 11% for their urban counterparts. The 5 year mortality is 60% for the rural population compared to 36% for urban patients. This is thought to be predominantly due to the lack of awareness, education, accessibility and affordability among the rural population. The study highlights the inequities that exist in India depending on where you live even 60 years after independence.

The study also showed that people who were wealthier and more educated had a lower mortality than those who were not as well-off or were not as well-educated. Patients with an income of greater than Rs. 50,000 per month had a 5-year mortality of 33% whereas those that earned less than Rs. 5,000 per month had a 5-year mortality of 66%.

Pertaining to the geographical location, the survey also states that, people who are going through dialysis, living in East India have 64% chance of less survival within 5 years of their treatment as compared to North, South and West zone of India due to the lack of accessibility of proper treatment.

NephroPlus also highlights the concern regarding the increase in mortality rate up to 60% in Tier 3 cities. This alarming rate has compelled the brand to focus on their presence in places such as Pune, Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Less accessibility to hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis has caused major complications for patients who require constant attention to renal care. NephroPlus discloses that the quality of treatment and its affordability has a direct impact on the mortality rate. Majority of the population, who earn less than 5000 a month, have an increased mortality rate up to 66% within 5 years of treatment under dialysis.

Mr. Kamal Shah, Co-Founder & Director of Patient Services, NephroPlus says “Kidney failure is one of the most common chronic epidemics spreading across the country due to lack of affordability and accessibility to quality dialysis care to the masses. The research clearly states, that the mortality rate of the dialysis patients are significantly high due to lack of awareness to detect the severity of the disease at the right time”

“It is our endeavor to be accessible and to provide advanced quality dialysis care across the country by educating people about advanced alternative methods to increase survival rates”

With an aim to make dialysis accessible and affordable to all, NephroPlus has marked their presence all across 140 centers currently in 85 cities. With PPP model, NephroPlus has facilitated people who are under BPL (Below Poverty Line) to avail the schemes, of free dialysis care for all. NephroPlus has successfully completed 2 million dialysis sessions after expanding their presence and servicing dialysis patients across the country.

With a ray of hope pertaining to numbers shared by NephroPlus, 52% of the kidney patients going through dialysis survive up to 20 – 21 years with the support of quality dialysis treatment and renal transplant.

With a vision to encourage people on dialysis to lead lives as close to normal as possible, NephroPlus has assisted several patients till date and has always encouraged people on dialysis to lead positive lives by enabling them to work, travel and have fun.

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