SAAP partners with Tenvic Sports to enhance the sports culture in Andhra Pradesh

With the inspiring vision of the Hon. Chief Minister, SAAP (Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh) which is an apex body for Promotion of Sports in the state, has created a comprehensive sports policy that covers various sports disciplines across all districts of A.P. with regards to coaching programs. To create “Sports culture” as a long-term project by investing in Knowledge, Infrastructure and Technical expertise is the goal. One of the Core Principles is to acknowledge that physical education along with recreational, competitive and high-performance sport should be developed simultaneously.

SAAP has partnered with private sports management firms such as TENVIC to achieve their planned objectives and goals in a systematic manner long-term.

New methodologies have been proposed to ensure sustainable and impactful delivery of sports coaching program from Grassroots to Centre of Excellence (CoE). The current sports coaching program has been designed across age-groups and skill levels in line with “A.P. State Sports Sunrise Model” which intends to improve participation of all children in the state of A.P and thereby enhance performance via Academies and CoE. 

Speaking on the association, Mr. Anil Kumble says " TENVIC was started with the objective of identifying, nurturing and training talent at the grassroot level. This initiative by the govt of Andhra Pradesh and the Chief Minister Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu touches upon all level of sports - from the grassroot to the center of excellence with additional focus on infrastructure development. TENVIC is proud to be associated with the sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh and look forward to a successful partnership in the upcoming year."

“The seed has been sown to realize the vision and promise of our Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu to develop sports culture in Sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh. TENVIC will play lead role in bringing state agencies, sponsors and sportspersons into a profitable relationship to realize vision in a steady manner”. As said by Mr. LV Subramaniam, Special Chief Secretary For Youth and Sports.

SAAP has created four-tier sports coaching program from Grassroots to Centre of Excellence (CoE) as Pinaka, Vijaya, Panchajanya and Gaandiva.

·         Pinaka – PLT Level (175 NTR Kreeda  Vikas Kendras) 

·         Vijaya – Adopted Schools (Currently 32) 

·         Panchajanya – Academies (Currently 9 regional centres) 

·         Gaandiva – CoE (one center per sport)

The project outline includes facilitating a Center of Excellence which is a high performing training center for training and development of international class athletes and coaches with 5 international coaches at the CoE; 100 domestic coaches deployed across 13 A.P. districts at 100 training centers.

(1.1) Long-term Athlete Development :The LTAD model outlines a framework for the development of motor-skills and physical skills which run parallel to a chronological age profile of an athlete. This project attempts to explain the physiological development of a young athlete all the way to adulthood and has been ubiquitously implemented as a standard framework by national sporting bodies around the world

(1.2) Pinaka – PLT Level :Basic motor skills (walking, running, jumping) are fundamental to sports performance and form the basis from which more complex skills are acquired, through development of strength, balance, co-ordination. However, given that these qualities develop at different rates in each child, and interact in a complex way, the best we can probably say is that the ages of 6-12 seem to be a good time for basic motor and physical skills to develop.

The three different departments namely Education, Sports and Health will collaboratively develop a Sports Development based curriculum, which will be made mandatory part of Education System in Schools and in Higher Education. In all schools, recommendation is to have minimum one period daily for Sports and Physical literacy. State intends to provide a playing area to every school kid in the school by 2020. 

With this aim, SAAP is creating sports-based curriculum in 303 Adopted Schools across all districts in A.P. State. SAAP has awarded 32 of these school for TENVIC to manage and deliver the program. These would serve as feeding centres to the 6 regional sports academies to further progress the talent of the trainees. 

(1.4) Panchajanya – Academies :A continuous, systematic sports training with scientific approach to the upcoming talented players is required to unearth sports talent and enable them to perform well at higher level competitions. 

SAAP has created six regional sports Academies in the state. These centres will serve as a base for all junior athletes in the state. Key objectives are as follows: 

- Specialized centres in select disciplines for individual and team games

-- Scientific Assessment and Training with modern tools and equipment

- Achieve High Performance Potential

- Prepare junior athletes to adopt pathways to grow into national and

  International reckoning.

SAAP has awarded TENVIC 9 of these academies to deliver the program. 

(1.5) Gaandiva–Centre of Excellence :Centre of Excellence (CoE) for the training and development of international class athletes and coaches. This will follow a “Hub and Spoke” model, with a CoE high performance centre and 100 grassroots centres that will cover all of 13 A.P. districts.  The salient features of CoE are the following:

The project Is being delivered in a Hub and Spoke model. The COE or the Hub will train 75 elite athletes with the goal to bring Senior and Junior National medals by 2021 and International medals by 2028. Now, there are 36 athletes 10 more are expected to join by February 2019. The CoE is developed to promote the top talent in the state and ensure they receive the best in class training and opportunities to excel at the National and International levels. The spokes include 116 schools chosen by SAAP and each school will host 150 students from the school and neighboring schools to train athletes.  The second objective of Project Gaandiva for Athletics is deploying 116 athletics coaches at the grassroot level. These coaches will be responsible for developing interest and talent at the grassroot level

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