Sadhguru was in conversation with MP Kavitha at a FLO interactive session held in the city.

Hyderabad, November 27, 2017…..FICCI Ladies Organisation(FLO) organized an interactive session today in the city. The Mystic, Sadhguru, the Founder of Isha Foundation was in conversation with MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha. The interactive session was the FLO’s series of inspiring, informative and insightful dialogues with the global thought leaders across the spectrum, some of whom include: Sadhguru, Venkaiah Naidu, Shubhra Bharadwaj, the iconic event management professional, Maneka Gandhi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Sonam Wangchuk; etc and many more. Kamini Saraf, Chairperson of FLO, welcomed the gathering. “Sadguru simplifies everything. That shows his wisdom. His clarity of thought is so clear which makes me admire him so much”. She said.

A woman is the fullcircle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform, she said. Weneed not try and become heroes in the male dominated competitive world to proveourselves. We are good being sheroes, she said. The Yogi and Mystic, JaggiVasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru who is involved in social outreachincluding the latest and highly acclaimed initiative The Rally for Rivers, an initiativeaimed at reviving India’s rivers was in interaction with Kavitha well over 90minutes.  Kavitha touched upon many aspects of Sadhguru, how he built amassive empire Isha Foundation, a non-profit, spiritual organization, thatoffers yoga programs and has over 5 million volunteers. Her questions were veryinsightful.


I was always admiredand listened to you from a distance and on TV and Social Media.  TodayI got an opportunity to be in conversation with you. This is a rare opportunityfor me she said, giving her opening remarks. When asked if there was a level playing field for women in spiritualwork, because not many female gurus are seen?, Sadhguru repliedthat if you were identifying yourself on the basis of gender, then how couldthings bigger than life happen?  Seventy per cent of the positions atIsha Foundation are handled by women.  That is not because I implementany reservations, but because I designate responsibilities irrespective of thegender, he added.


It will take 15-20years more from now for women to have a level playing field, Saduguru saidwhile replying if he would ever take up a rally for  women’sreservations just like he took up one for rivers.  When Ambedkar madereservations, he made it for a limited period of time so that we can get backup from our historical disadvantages.  As a nation, we are 70 yearsof age. We must understand that in the first 50years, we were all on survivalmode, desperate to make the nation stand together.  Only in the last20years we have stepped into the developing stage. It will take another 15 to20years to see women at a level playing field.


When asked how do wecope-up with negatives when women turn against women when they achievesomething big and become their enemy? Sadhguru replied that it happens with mentoo.  But we don’t think it’s peculiar. But, when women have womenenemies that is when it becomes a peculiar and asked, he said.  Speakingfurther Sadhguru added, if you know you are doing something significant, allthe negatives do not matter.  It is always dogs pleasure to bark,said Sadhguru.  If you want to work with the most ideal people, I oftenask them to head to heaven immediately, he told.


Replying to anotherquestion, Sadhguru commented that he has been spending time planting trees inpeople’s head.  But, trust me, that is the most difficult terrain, hetold the gathering.  Too much identification with gender essentially meansyou are identifying yourself with your sexual body parts alone, he toldreplying to another question.  The entire conversation wasgripping.  Sadhguru’s knowledge in every field he spoke about wasadmirable, whether it was Science or Spirituality or the latest campaign onreviving rivers.  Over 600 FLO members and their spouses heard himwith rapt attention. 


Sadhguru is avisionary, and a humanitarian whose work transcended allboundaries.  During the entire one and half hour interactive sessionhe touched upon subjects—Spirituality, Education, Happiness,Self-Transformation, Inner Engineering, Yoga, Leadership, Women Empowerment,Politics, Economics, Culture, Environment, life, love, relationships, parentingand many such subjects.  He gave satisfying answers to many questionsput in by the facilitator as well as the audience.  

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