Sagar Hospitals partnered with Bangalore Traffic Police for World Head Injury Day

Bangalore 20th March, 2019: In India, one life is being lost every 4-5 mins due to a head injury according to the Ministry of Road Transport. In fact, over 85 % of deaths on highways and state roads involved pedestrians, two-wheelers and cyclists with two-wheelers being the most commonly injured (75%). The results also showed that 25 % of riders not wearing helmets suffered from serious head injury, in contrast to only 5% of helmeted riders. Even among helmeted riders, 15% suffered critical head injuries due to their negligence of not strapping the helmet.

With this in mind, on Wednesday- World Head Injury Day- Sagar Hospitals, a multi-speciality chain of hospitals, partnered with the Bangalore Traffic Police at the Traffic Commissioner’s office, Infantry road, to advocate for road safety. The Hospital also donated helmets to Mr P Harishekaran, Additional Commissioner of Police , Traffic, IPS and his team to distribute to the public. Other dignitaries at the event were Dr K.V. Jagdeesh, IPS, DCP Traffic East, Mrs Saraha Fathima, KSPS, DCP Traffic North, Dr Soumyalatha, KSPS, DCP Traffic West. The aim of the initiative was to educate the public on how head injuries can be prevented by the correct use of safety devices like seat belts, helmets and following traffic rules among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr P Harishekaran, Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) said, “India is increasingly being known for lakhs of people losing lives at the prime productivity age, not because of chronic illnesses, but because of road accidents due to negligence. People, even though they might know about the risks, still don’t strap their helmets while on a two-wheeler or fasten their seatbelts while driving a car. We are trying to change the mind-set and are very happy to have partnered with Sagar Hospitals as they share the same vision.”

Ishiqa Multani, Executive Director, Sagar Group of Hospitals further commented, “We at Sagar Hospitals are committed to creating a safer environment for our citizens. We want people to be more conscious about road safety, and we believe, that this partnership is an attempt towards creating that awareness. We all fear life-threatening ailments like cancer, diabetes, heart disease among others, but not many know that deaths from trauma and road accidents exceed those due to cancer and heart disease combined. Our goal is to ensure that people adhere to safety issues by following traffic rules including wearing helmets and fastening seatbelts among others. Many times, it’s not our fate, but the negligence that costs us our life”

Dr Murali Mohan, Head of Department & Neurosurgeon, Sagar Hospitals said, "Most of our head trauma cases are due to a combination of reasons including the victim falling from a height, road accidents, and altercations among others. However, we have found that head injury is most common among two-wheelers as they don't wear helmets, even though the helmet is the only protection that they have and can drastically reduce the risk of severe trauma. I'm confident that initiatives like this will help spread awareness and help people realise the importance of wearing helmets instead of just wearing a helmet to avoid getting stopped by the traffic police."

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