Sakra Institute of Bone & Joints organises 2nd Annual Indo-Japanese Knee Course

Bengaluru, 10th December 2017: Sakra Institute of Bone & Joints today organised the 2nd Annual Indo-Japanese Knee Course in the city. As a part of the Indo-Japanese exchange program a live surgery workshop and conference by Indian & Japanese doctors was conducted which was attended by many doctors from all over the country. The course highlighted a comprehensive update on Computer navigation, robotic & custom knee replacement. The course was presided by Dr. Tomohiro Onodera, Lecturer Orthopedics Department, Hokkaido University, Sapporo Japan and Dr. Chandrashekar P, Head & Senior Consultant, Institute of Bone & Joints at Sakra World Hospital. Other faculty at the Indo-Japanese course included leading doctors such as Prof. Rajesh Malhotra from AIIMS (Delhi), Dr. Vivek Neginhal from Saint Mary’s Medical Center (USA).

 “This is a great platform for doctors from boththe countries to exchange knowledge & expertise on the latest trends andtechniques in advanced knee replacement procedures. We are always looking atsetting a new standard in the realms of Total Knee Replacement surgery. Thiscourse will definitely benefit the doctors and the end patients and we lookforward to collaborate in future for more such innovative updates in healthcare.For the first times in India Custom Knee Replacement surgery was demonstratedand Robotic Knee Replacement was demonstrated first time in Karnataka“said Dr. Chandrashekar. P, Head& Senior Consultant, Sakra Institute of Bone and Joints, Sakra World Hospital.

The one-day course which was divided into two sessionsincluded topics like conventional Knee replacement, Computer robotic &custom knee replacement. Two live surgeries were performed, one on high flexcomputer navigated knee replacement by Dr. Chandrasekhar. P, Head & SeniorConsultant, Sakra Institute of Bone and Joints, Sakra World Hospital and theother on pocket navigation /computer navigated unicondylar Knee replacement byDr. Rajesh Malhotra from Head Department Orthopedics, AIIMS (Delhi). 

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