Sakra World Hospital Launches Sakra Sports Injury Centre

Bengaluru, 19th September 2018: Sakra World Hospital, launches Sakra Sports Injury Centre inaugurated by Mr. Sunil Chhetri, Captain of Indian National Football Team & Bengaluru FC. The centre is backed with highly specialized team of Orthopedic Surgeons and offers integrated diagnostics, rehabilitation, treatment specifically targeted to sports related injuries.

In a recent sports injury case, Sakra World Hospital, performed the first meniscal transplant in Karnataka. The procedure was performed by team of doctors headed by Dr Chandrashekar.P Senior Consultant & HOD – Orthopaedics, Sakra World Hospital 

A 43-year-old Yemeni man who had injured his anterior-cruciate ligament and inner meniscus injury two years ago while playing sports and had a surgery (done outside hospital) which involved ligament reconstruction and partial removal of meniscus. A year later he had a minor injury to the same knee for which he underwent second surgery (outside hospital) where more than 80% of his meniscus had to be removed. When he presented to us he complained of  pain and we got relevant investigations, MRI and X-rays which showed  loss of more than 80% inner meniscus and he had started developing early cartilage (degenerative) damage  due to less meniscus tissue left and only option in this case to avoid further cartilage damage is to give a meniscal transplant. Though synthetic meniscal transplant were tried before globally for few years, it failed. The best concept is to transplant the meniscus from the Cadaver.

We all have heard of Liver, Heart and Kidney Transplant, the meniscus transplant is the rare and most advanced surgery done in very few centers in the world.

Meniscus is a thin fibrous cartilage tissue between the surface of joints. It prevents friction between the joints during the movement. Since meniscus is a fibrous cartilage and is devoid of any blood supply and nerves it cannot regenerate. Meniscus tears can be treated with repair in selective cases and where repair is not possible, removal of meniscus is the treatment. When removing the meniscus surgeon should be careful to remove as less as possible. In cases where meniscus has to be removed more than 75 percent than patient will suffer from cartilage damage in future as the cushioning effect of the knee Joint is lost and will proceed early wear and tear (arthritis).

It is a rare surgical procedure conducted on a case to case basis. Sakra World Hospital performed the first meniscal transplant in Karnataka. Only handful of cases (less than 3 cases have been done so far in country) In this procedure the transplanted Meniscus is obtained from a cadaver. In addition, due to the lack of blood or nerves in the Meniscus there is no need of administering immunosuppressant drugs. The procedure was conducted using key hole technique and the patient was discharged after two days of observation in the hospital.

Post surgery, patient is undergoing rehabilitation under proper guidance and had no transplant related complications like allergy/rejection.

“Rehabilitation is an important step in the successful recovery of any patient. Proper techniques and attention can help the individuals heal faster and motivates their families to push forward. At Sakra with the best of Indo-Japanese technology and expertise we hope to prevent secondary complications, maximise the physical functioning and to reintegrate the person into the society.” Dr. Chandrashekar P, Senior Consultant & HOD – Orthopaedics, Sakra World Hospital

Speaking of the event Dr. Maheswarappa B.M., Senior Consultant & HOD - Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, said “Our association with BFC has inspired us to come up with the idea of having a dedicated centre for sports injury at Sakra. With this centre we aim to extend our services to those people in need of proper treatment for any sports injuries.”

“As a sportsperson, an injury on the field is an extremely relatable phenomenon and unfortunately, it’s also been the decisive factor that has ended a lot of promising careers. It’s so important to have access to world-class facilities to help with all things injury-related and the facilities at the Sakra Sports Injury Centre provide just that.” Mr. Sunil Chhetri, Captain of Indian National Football Team & Bengaluru FC

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