Salute to all the medical practitioners Ms. Pritika Singh, CEO- Prayag Hospital

A doctor leads a selfless life and seldom prioritizes his own life to accommodate his patients’ concerns. The Hippocratic Oath demands that he/she upholds specific ethical standards above anything and everything.

The entire community of medical practitioners is one of its kind, whose self-sacrificing conduct is a lesson for all of us to emulate and learn from.  Though I respect every individual - whosoever he/she may be, and whatsoever profession he/she may be associated with -  I am not sure any other professional would forgo his or her comfort, or put aside personal life for the sake of his/her patient. I mean, any other committed worker or a businessman might burn the midnight oil, slog unconditionally all through the night and/or toil labor and operate tirelessly for the longest time, but let’s face it, at the end of the day, don’t they all do it for a reward, whatever be its remuneration?

Doctors, as a matter of their beings, cultivate a self-effacing, noble and altruistic nature that makes them and their work stand out.

My salute to all the medical practitioners who are working with full devotion and are contributing a lot to the growth of healthcare sector in India.

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