Saluting the Unsung Heroes, Rotary Club of Bangalore announces the McIver Awards 2017-18

Bangalore. May 28, 2018: The Rotary Club of Bangalore believes there are many individuals and organisations that contribute to the society and are role models who deserve recognition and awards. The McIver Awards is their initiative towards this cause, ‘Saluting the Unsung Heroes’. The Awards are named after the founding President of Rotary Club of Bangalore, Rtn L.J. McIver, ICS. The Rotary Club of Bangalore will felicitate the winners on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

The Chief Guest for the ceremony will be the Maharaja of Mysore, MaharajaYaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wodeyar.

There will be 9 categoryof awardees this year

1) Citizen Extraordinaire:A Bangalore citizenwho has gone beyond his/her call of duty to put the city on the InternationalMap but should have an impeccable profile

2) Corporate CitizenAward: A Corporate with high ethical standards and a strong presence in Bangalore.The corporate citizen should have made a difference to the lives of itsstakeholders and in the larger interest of the community

3) Making a Difference Award:An NGO that hasprovided outstanding service to the community in the fields of literacy and/orhealth.

4) Pride of Workmanship: This award recognisespeople who take pride in their profession whether he/she is a craftsman, atradesman, a nurse or an artisan.

5) Environment Conservation: This award recognisesindividuals or NGOs who have made a significant contribution in conserving theenvironment.

6) Youth Icon: This award recognises ayoung person from Karnataka who is an inspiring role model for the youth.

7) Women's Empowerment: This award recognises awoman who has made a significant contribution towards empowering other womenespecially those who are underprivileged.

8) T E A C H Award: T E A C H is an acronymsymbolising Rotary India's mission to make India completely literate. Thisaward is given to an individuals or companies who are making significantcontributions towards promoting literacy.

9) Community Service Award: This award is given to aRotary Club within RI District 3190 that has completed a path breakingCommunity Service Project during the year.

About RotaryClub:The Rotary Club ofBangalore founded 83 years ago is a pioneer of the Rotary movement in India anda proud flagbearer of Rotary International. Today it is one of the largestclubs in the country and having provided commendable service to the underprivileged,in healthcare, education, environment conservation and several other areas.Many Bangaloreans will recall that Church Street, St Mark's Road, and KasturbaRoad were all part of what was known as McIver Town, named after Rotary Club ofBangalore's first President.   

For further information please contact: Aparajita Dasgupta aparajita.candour@gmail.com8095733214.  

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