Bangalore March 2018 : As stewards of traditional Indian herbs, the Sami-Sabinsa Group has added reforestation to the company’s program of good agricultural practices. Sami-Sabinsa has entered into an ambitious plan in funding cultivation of Pterocarpus Marsupium in 250 acres in the Seoni and Balaghat regions in Madhya Pradesh, India, for the next ten years. The cultivation will be managed by the reforestation organization Madhya Pradesh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam Limited.

Sami-Sabinsa has long had a program of cultivationpartnership with farmers under the company’s contract farming fair tradeprogram, so reforestation is a logical extension of Sami-Sabinsa’ssustainability commitment. With a view to ex situ conservation of the highlyvalued but neglected tree species Pterocarpus marsupium  (vijaysar)this project sponsorship will ensure plantation of over 166,600 trees on 250acres of forest land over the next ten years. This is the first attempt toconserve this high value threatened tree species in India.

Under this initiative, the land will be provided bythe forest department of the state of Madhya Pradesh with the Madhya PradeshRajya Van Vikas Nigam performing the cultivation and maintaining the plants fora minimum period of five years. After five years the trees are self-sustaining. 

Pterocarpus marsupium extractsfrom the Indian Kino tree have been used for control of blood sugar in Ayurvedafor centuries. The traditional Ayurvedic method of controlling diabetesinvolved drinking a water extract of Pterocarpus obtained either by soaking piecesof the wood in water overnight or utilizing a tumbler carved from that woodfilled with water.   

“As our research on Pterocarpus marsupium extractconfirmed traditional usage and we began to anticipate future demand for theextract, we became concerned that demand could quickly decimate availablesupplies,” said Shaheen Majeed, Sabinsa’s worldwide president. “Thecultivation will not only help us have a sustainable supply, but will preservethis traditional plant in India.” 

Sami-Sabinsa’s proprietary ingredient extractsobtained from Pterocarpus marsupium are sold under the brandnames, Silbinol® and pTeroSol®.

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