Sankara Eye Hospital organizes ‘Shikshana 2018’, to enhance ophthalmic (eye) care

Bengaluru, January 29, 2018: Sankara Eye Hospital recognized as one of the specialist eye care infirmary in the country has organized a one-day medical forum, ‘Shikshana 2018’ at Vivanta by Taj, M.G Road, Bangalore. Almost 130 doctors participated from various regions of the state and country as this is a platform to interact and learn from the stalwarts in the field regarding preferred current practices and recent advances in the ocular field. Shikshana the daylong conference organised by Sankara Eye Hospital Bangalore, had over 100 doctors deliberate on aspects of orbit , oculoplasty and neuro ophthalmology.

The sessionprovided practical information regarding concepts, diagnosis, surgical tips andmanagement of ocular diseases in an interactive way to all the practicingophthalmologists and upcoming post graduate students who have attended theevent. Some of the interesting topics included diseases of the LIDS and lidposition, diseases like orbital tumours and their treatment and diseasespertaining to the optic nerve and the visual pathway.

Few of thecase studies that was discussed in the session were; a 6 year child withrecurrent redness was treated as an allergy and it took a suspicious doctor tolook at the eye lash under a microscope to see demodex a parasite.

Ravi(namechanged) from Salem as a 14 year old was advised removal of his eye for atumour melanoma. Re-examination showed it to be a possible benign variantmelanocytoma and only that part needed to be excised. Today as a 21 year old heis working for a technology major.

 A 24year lady had pain discomfort around her right eye with a drop in vision whichrecovered. An MRI was done to rule out a pituitary tumour and with a course ofsteroids she had a full recovery.

The seminarhas been conceptualized to bring in expert advice from doctors and discussregarding various developments in the field of Occuloplasty. Oculoplasticsurgery being the main objective of the event, which includes a variety ofsurgical procedures that deal with the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts, face andthe reconstruction of the eyes.

Neuro-ophthalmologyis another parallel topic of discussion in the forum, a subspecialty whichcombines with the areas of neurology and ophthalmology, often dealing withcomplex systemic diseases in the visual system.

“We areextremely overwhelmed with the response received for the event which is a partof the 40th year celebration of the Sankara Movement. Thesession has certainly given more insights into the generally undiscussedaspects of eye care treatment, and the recent technology advancements in thefield. The medical forum has been an extremely successful event today and weare looking forward in organizing similar events that will help in knowledgesharing and deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in thefield”, said Dr. Saptagirish Rambhatla, Dean and Head of Department,Orbit and Oculoplasty, Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore.

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