Sathish becomes a lakhpati via Skrilo

Today's market is overruled by intrusive advertisements, thus disrupting prospect for the brands. In this age of technology innovation, so as to address the issue of intrusive marketing, Manish Sinha came up with the idea of Skrilo, an innovative ‘one of its kind’ reward platform. There's nothing great than one getting rewarded for watching advertisements. It is a free mobile app that has revolutionised the B2C market and has changed the concept of lotteries. Think of a situation where the stakeholder gets undivided attention from their consumers and the latter gets rewarded in return for playing contests and quizzes on those brands.

SathishKumar K, a 31 year old man residing in Bangalore recently became the Skrilolakhpati. He will be leveraging the winning amount for his family. Sathishquotes, “The best part of using Skrilo was I didn't have to invest anything,thus is the best app if you want to earn money without an investment.”

Ever since Igot to know about Skrilo from a friend, it has been quite beneficial for me,sometimes it rewards with coupons through which i can purchase any thing fromother e-commerce apps. 

In a worldof intrusive marketing, Skrilo aims to create a paradigm shift in the market.It tactfully attracts the customers towards their interest brands, whichfurther helps the stakeholders to get undivided attention from the consumers.The objective of the company is to ensure that it continually adds value forits stakeholders which are the brands, business partners and the audience.Consumers participate and receive a free entitlement towards a lucky prize drawwhen they voluntarily engage with the content at Skrilo.

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