SCDS brings Italian fashion course to Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 28 June, 2018: Here is some exciting news for all career-conscious students aspiring to make a name in the ever popular exclusive fields like Fashion, Fashion Designing, Textile and Interiors. It is more so for those craving to get their academics from the globally acclaimed famed Italian institute, NABA- Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti, whose certificate is a passport to a rewarding future.

Making this happen, right here in India is the Vijayawada-headquartered Samana College of Design Studies (SCDS) whose nine-years of academic excellence has helped spread its reach to Hyderabad where it established Samana Institute for Design Studies (SIDS). The JNFAU and Nagarjuna University-affiliated institute, which has established a tremendous legacy in Andhra Pradesh for its pioneering academic excellence, is looking forward with a sense of pride.    

This follows the unique tie-up established with Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti that will help Indian students get their Italian degrees in Hyderabad.

SCDS has been founded in 2010 in Vijayawada by Ms. Samana Hussaini, with the sole objective of providing a platform for budding talents in the field of Design by offering quality education and mentoring in a state where there was no other avenue. The latest partnership with NABA is a step in this very direction.

It is a pioneer design incubator that nurtures emerging design talent.SCDS is the hub where the design is induced with passion and standards of design education are set with creative educational culture, development of problem-solving capabilities and promoting design competencies. The fashion and design world's top companies recognize the value of the education we offer. 

Our credentials get evidenced by the overwhelming patronage extended to us by iconic names like Sabyasachi, Tommy Hilfiger, Manish Malhotra, Clavin Klien, Triumph, Globus, to name a few from the august list.

SIDS awards B.Sc. Fashion Designing, Diploma and PG Diploma Courses in Fashion, Textile and Interiors.

The latest addition to our reputation is the SCDS and NABA–DOMUS Academy collaboration. This will provide an international and global platform to its students, to embark on a new journey of design besides enabling them to be successful entrepreneurs.

This convergence enables the opportunity to offer our students semester abroad programmes to Milan Italy. The undergraduate programme students shall be able to work with their counterparts in NABA-Domus Milan for at least one semester that can be stretched to two semesters.

The Masters Degree students shall be studying in Milan for two semesters, which translates to one year. On the other hand, the two-year PG students of Fashion and Interior Design can go for six weeks course.

We are also offering a one-year programme for students who are already into the industry, these students can go for two, four or six weeks to Domus, Milan, enabling the students to explore , expand their horizon and showcase their skill set.

We remain indebted to our esteemed guests of honour, who graced the historic first achieved by us.

Dr.Manjula, Additional commissioner, Customs at Hyderabad&Officer of Indian reserve service, DR. Aparna Bidarkar, IID Chairperson Hyderabad and Mr. Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy, renowned Fashion Designer, Hyderabad.

Making fashion as his religion, Hyderabad based fashion designer, Mr.Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy had established his label in the year 1993 after graduating from the London School of Fashion Designing with a specialization in colour psychology.

Through the amalgamation of his various works, he exerts himself to promote and present Indian handlooms at national and international platforms in order to make them renowned and escalate the livelihoods of the artisans which ultimately help him accomplish his motto.

Join us to witness the Collaboration of SCDS and NABA – DOMUS!

This is a win-win tie-up that should delight every student keen on proving their worth in these exciting professions; designers and those associated with the industry as the talent will blossom with an Italian flourish right here. 

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