Schwing Stetter India supports migrant workers amidst COVID-19 lockdown

Chennai, 16th April 2020: The current global COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the migrant workers from other states, working in Tamil Nadu’s industrial facilities. As most factories are grinding to a halt, millions of such workers are left vulnerable. In an effort to protect their workers during this lockdown; and prevent a massive exodus to their respective states that may result in a rise of the number of cases, Schwing Stetter India (SSI), one of the country’s leading concreting equipment manufacturer, has taken complete responsibility for the health and well - being of its migrant workforce during this lockdown.

Workers in the company’s facility are continuously provided with basic amenities like food, accommodation and medical treatment. This workforce also includes truck drivers who had visited the facility and became a part of lockdown. Schwing Stetter India continues it’s on ground effort to ensure that these workers remain medically monitored, nourished, and morally motivated to fight the unprecedented challenges brought by the Global pandemic.

The company is currently laying focus across three broad areas of support that they have prioritized:

•         Continuous medical monitoring of the workers by expert doctors every few hours. The workers are checked consistently for COVID-19 symptoms and are provided with testing kits, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks, and other protective gear.

•         They are ensured regular access to food and nutrition during the course of the lockdown so they don’t bear the adverse economic impact of the crisis.

•         Accommodation facility has been set up with 625 beds to help prevent cross contamination and control infection.

Speaking about the company’s efforts, Mr.V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India said, “Migrant workers have always contributed to our infrastructure industry. SSI has always believed in supporting the needs of its workers during times of crisis. We are very happy to take care of our construction workers by providing them with all the basic amenities, and support them to overcome the challenges of the lockdown and fight against COVID-19 crisis. We are thankful for getting all this done by our contractors at the construction site. The entire SSI team stands with the Nation in this hour of crisis and will do everything as a company, to help win this joint battle. All our efforts will be targeted towards ensuring that the right resources reach our migrant workers from other states who need it the most. We hope that our small contribution will help sustain their families during and after the current lockdown and hopefully endure this crisis together”.

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