Second edition of ‘Myntra Fashion Upgrade’ arrives to bring about a change, this summer!

Bengaluru, April 2nd , 2018: Myntra announces the arrival of the second edition of the ‘Myntra Fashion Upgrade’, a six-day event tied to a noble cause, beginning on the 1st of April. Riding on the success and popularity of the first edition, held in November last year, Myntra expects the current edition of the event to facilitate the collection of over 6 lakh items which is a 40% growth over the MFU held in November. To put the scale into context, the amount of clothes collected during this period is likely to be the largest ever done globally.

Shopperscanchoose from over half a million styles across 2000 leading global anddomesticbrands at attractive prices. As they shop, customers also have theoption oflisting out the items that they use less frequently which they wouldlike togive away. Myntra then provides redeemable points proportional to howmany andwhat items customers give away, and then via their association withGoonj,channel these items from urban homes to those who need it the most inthefar-flung villages of India. The items listed for giving away are collectedbyMyntra’s Service Delivery Agent at the time of delivery itself allowing foraseamless consumer experience which leaves them 'feeling good' in additionto'looking good'.

Thelateststyles from in-house brands like Roadster, HRX, All About You, Anouk,andDressberry, will be available at the MFU. Global brands like Jack &Jones,United Colors of Benetton, Vero Moda, Forever 21, and USPA as well asdomesticones like W, Biba and Red Tape will all be participating in the event.

Myntraisalso launching a marketing campaign, led by digital mediums, radio and OOHinorder to highlight the key aspects of the event. An ad film has alsobeenlaunched from 28th March to promote the initiative. The storyof the filmrevolves around a couple, where the husband is surprised to see hiswife dressedfashionably at home and wonders if he failed to remember anyspecial occasion,only to reveal that she had a fashion upgrade through Myntra,by giving awayunused clothes.  Myntra is alsoundertaking extensivepromotions on social media especially through conversationsthat will be taggedas #TimetoUpgrade.

class="MsoNormal">Speakingaboutthe campaign, Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra-Jabong, said, “We receivedanoverwhelming response from shoppers during the previous edition of theevent,convincing us that they believe in participating in an event thatcontributes toa social cause. We expect a 40% growth in collection from ourcustomers overthe previous edition, at over 600,000 units. I would once againlike toappreciate the efforts of GOONJ and urge shoppers of fashion to participateinthis event in large numbers. We're also aiming to set a new Limca Recordforthe largest clothes collection drive with this event.”

Speakingaboutthe association, Anshu Gupta, Founder Director, Goonj, said, “Goonj is veryhappy to beassociated with Myntra once again on this initiative. It reminds allof usthat people who take our old clothes give value to something on whichwespend our hard-earned money. At Goonj, nothing goes as charity as for uskeyaspect is Dignity. All the collected material goes as rewardforself-identified development work that people take up across India underourflagship initiative- ‘Cloth for work’.”

Myntraplatformsare geared to offer consumers a detailed account of the process ofaccumulatingpoints and redeeming the same for purchases.

‘MyntraFashionUpgrade’ is led by fashion, brands, styles, designs and trends, and isa moveaway from the traditional discount format.

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