Self-Drive 365 powered by Cox & Kings to pave way for Signature Road-Journeys in India

Mumbai, 18th May 2018: Setting off a new trend of self-drive holidays, India's exclusive brand Self-Drive 365 is here to redefine travel. The new segment aims to encourage travellers to discover and be a one-stop road trip planner while offering a wide array of road-trips within India and across the globe. With some cherry-picked destinations, experiences, facilities and an assortment of cars and bikes, the self-drive brand will ensure a 24 x 7 support crew that will never throw a spanner in the works of a road-trip be it in any part of the world. Self-Drive 365 is powered by Cox & Kings.

Self-Drive365 with its seamless booking process along with end-to-end trip planning isalso the go-to platform for the beginners who have low or no experience ofself-drives.

 Thenew brand allows customisation basis experiences, terrains and several enticingactivities. Be it a winding hill-climb, arrow-straight highways, tunnel oftrees or beach-hugging coastal roads, each route is fun for a different reasonand Self-Drive 365 lets everyone choose their favourite route to head out on. Asplendid window to the diverse cultures around the world, explorers canexperience fascinating history behind the Indian sari, the Scottish kilt, theEnglishman’s Bowler hat and the Bhutanese Gho en-route their destination.Similarly, one may choose to entwine the road trip with an activity orexperience that makes a destination unique be it the alluring cuisines,wildlife and other adventures. 

Explorerscan choose from the long list of dream cars ranging from higher-end sedans toluxury SUVs or a wide range of motorbike brands in different countries such asIndia, the US, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand among otherdestinations. 

Speaking atthe launch, Debolin Sen, Business Head, Self-Drive 365 said, "Self-drivesare fast gaining popularity in India with enthusiasts wanting to exploreforeign as well as domestic destinations at their own pace and with theirfavourite cars and bikes. With a highly experienced expert panel,round-the-clock assistance, hassle-free paperwork and series of thematic routes,Self-Drive 365 is set to be the pioneer of self-drive tours in the country”.

Whilethe insurance, rental documentation, trip itinerary, accommodation etc. willall be managed by Self-Drive 365 itself, explorers will also be provided with adetailed road trip guide besides other mechanical assistance. Giving primeimportance to the client's convenience, the Self-Drive 365's road trip advisorwill first chat with them before charting the exclusive road trip.

Karan Anand,Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings said," Being the leader in theindustry, Cox & Kings has been in the forefront of conceptualizing dynamictravel offerings for travellers in India and elsewhere.  In line with theemergence of experiential travel, the market for self-drives is growing.Through this unique offering, we wish to ensure, our travellers don’t miss theimportant part of local exploration"

For thosewho wish to see the world from behind the wheel, Self-Drive 365 brings thefreedom to veer off the main road, that excitement to head down a turn onenever took, liberty to find out about a place that few know of, and thatpristine connection between man, machine and the road. 

'The USA – The Great Pacific Drive', 'Spain –Spanish Tango', Ireland – The Wild Atlantic Drive’ are few of the internationaldrives whereas the 'Heart of the Himalayas', 'Into the Tiger's Lair' and 'EastCoast Life' are some that lets the enthusiasts explore India by road. 

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