Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field Therapy Offers Ray of Hope for Brain Tumor (GBM) Patient

Bangalore, July 28th, 2017: Bangalore-based SBF Healthcare & Research Centre (SHRC) today announced that after treating 300 cases suffering from cancer, especially Brain Tumors like Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) – SPMF® therapy, is surely set to offer a ray of hope and much needed medical intervention in the treatment of brain tumors. GBM being a very common form of brain tumor occurring worldwide with very little or no chance of survival, has been successfully treated and patients have gone back to their normal routine. The only available mode of treatment today anywhere in the world, was surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy. But recurrence is definite and loss of life is almost inevitable.

For the veryfirst time, new technology of SPMF therapy, which is essentially based on MRItechnology, has shown definitive results and has offered hope for thousands ofpatients across the world. SPMF Therapy is performed for one hour everyday for 28 consecutive days. The patient is evaluated using MRI and theKarnofsky Performance Score (KPS) which are gold standards for evaluating theefficacy of a therapy. Patients can go about their normal activity during thetreatment. It halts the progression of the disease and improves quality of lifeand survival period. It also improves the patient’s emotional and psychologicalwellbeing.

SBFHealthcare has also received the prestigious US Patent and CE Certification. Ithas also received Singapore and Russian Patents. Is currently awaitingAustralian and European Patents. SBF Healthcare also received ISO 9001:2008 andISO 13485 certificates. These credentials are just an added proof of how anIndian invention/innovation pioneered by Wg Cdr (Dr). V G Vasishta (Retd) isall set to offer relief to the highly prevalent cancer cases around the world.SPMF Therapy is India’s contribution to the world of medicine and is set torevolutionize the treatment of some forms of cancer. The number of overseaspatients who have been successfully treated here at Bangalore is a firmtestament to the efficacy of this therapy and how eager the medical world wasfor such a breakthrough.

SBFHealthcare and Research Centre (SHRC) was founded in 2006. Pioneered by WgCdr.(Retd.) Dr Vasishta, SHRC was first in the world to use of SPMF Therapy inthe treatment of cancer. SPMF is delivered by the device AKTIS SOMA® inventedby Dr. Vasishta. SBF Centers are currently located at Bangalore, Mumbai, Puneand Chennai.

Speaking atthe occasion Wg Cdr (Dr.) V. G. Vasishta, Founder & CEO, SBFHealthcare said, “I am delighted to announce that we are formallylaunching our cancer treatment after treating more than 300 cases. SPMF therapythat we have pioneered has not only offered a ray of hope and gift of life tobrain tumor patients, but has also been recognized worldwide as proven by thenumerous patents and certificates we have received. The results of the therapyhave been published in many international peer reviewed scientificjournals.  It is a historical movement for India as this therapy is ourexport to the western world in the treatment of certain forms of cancer. SPMFtherapy will be a game changer for brain cancer treatment across the world”.

THETHERAPY: SPMFis also being used to treat Osteoarthritis (OA). This therapy is a non-surgicaltreatment that helps both regenerate cells in OA and degenerate cells incancer. It has proved to be effective in the treatment of OA and certain typesof cancer. SPMF Therapy is a technology that produces highly complexsequentially programmed magnetic fields, which are computer-controlled and canbe precisely focused on to the target tissues with the help of laser guides.

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