Shah Rukh Khan talks about future of cinema and entertainment at The YES bank

New Delhi, 24 February, 2018: The second day of the fourth edition of the Economic Times Global Business Summit (GBS) presented by YES Bank and The Economic Times in Delhi continues to witness insightful sessions from global leaders and visionaries sharing their opinions around the theme of the Summit - New Economy, New Rules. With the Summit covering broader horizons this year, Actor Shah Rukh Khan took center stage and delivered a laughter filled session covering serious conversation on future on cinema and entertainment.

The actor talked about big data and digitization andhow the medium is shaping up to feed the imagination of an audience that hasplenty of choices at hand which means that production houses would have to stepup their act.  He mentioned, “There will be stars, bigger than me. Butthey might not come from mainstream medium of cinema but from digital. Thefuture belongs to the digital influencers”.

Khan also spoke about the impact of digital onconventional movie watching in theatres. Echoing Geoge Lucas, Khan said,“Community watching will never die but will evolve.” As per him, movie watchingwill become a different experience in the future with increased interactivity,ability to experience the movies by immersing the audience into it andincreased two-way communication through feedback on the digital medium.  

Received with applause from a packed house, KingKhan’s signature wit was once again on display at the Summit. Speaking abouthow his various ventures including Red Chillies and owning three cricket teamsat international T20 tournaments, he elaborated on how he believes in ‘do[ing]business that is close to your heart, not your head.’ Speaking about himself,he said that he is done with the ‘superstar’ tag and is working towards being a‘legend’. As per him, while the rise of digital will give rise to new andbigger stars,  the longevity of stardom would not be the same. Echoing this, the witty Khan mentioned, “I am the last star you will see”.

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