Shankara debuts with its 100% natural luxury Ayurveda beauty range in India

National, 6th June 2018: After delighting consumers in the west for close to two decades, Shankara is all set to create a wave in the Indian luxury Ayurveda beauty industry. Shankara was conceptualized by combining Ayurvedic wisdom from the East with scientific and modern processes of the West to introduce sustainable skin care products. The brand will offer natural, result oriented skincare products that are rich in actives and herbs and infused with pure essential oils to promote wellness and healing.

Shankara’s offerings are deeply rooted in Ayurvedic principles and scientifically proven procedures using natural ingredients that address the root cause rather than masking symptoms. The rare combination of Ayurveda, the Eastern science of life and Western scientific rigor, Shankara’s line of products are highly effective due to its natural delivery mechanism for visible results. The formulations are focused to balance each individual skin type like Vata (Dry Skin), Pitta (Normal, Combination or Sensitive Skin) and Kapha (Oily Skin). With the launch of this exceptional range Shankara is set to transform the landscape of natural products in India. All Shankara products are free from parabens, sulphates and synthetic chemicals. They are pH balanced and PETA friendly.


Through its ground-breaking natural collection of retail and professional products, one’s skin can be enriched with nutrition, oxygenation, hydration and protection. Made from the highest quality of ingredients, Shankara produces true skin transformation, elevates skin radiance and enriches one’s authentic beauty. With a strong intent to serve humanity, Shankara produces the finest products using responsibly sourced natural ingredients and cruelty free methods. The products are made by yogis and created with the perfect harmony of nature and science through cold processing. 

Commenting on this occasion, Astha Katpitia, Head,Shankara India said, “Shankara was crafted by harnessing the rich, ancientwisdom of Ayurveda along with scientific advancements of the modern world. Thevibrant life force of botanicals is preserved through the manufacturing processto produce an offering that provides a quantum leap towards skin renewal andage prevention. Our vision is to use 100% natural ingredients trusted by the usersto deliver exceptional results. We endeavor to offer an exclusive range of skincare products that work on the physical, mental and emotional levels to promotea sense of well-being. With years of research and understanding about beautyingredients, we have successfully enhanced the quality of natural skin care. Weare excited to introduce our wide array of products to the Indian market andhope to see positive responses.”    

Shankara is currently available on,Amazon & Nykaa. The range is from Rs 1050 upwards.

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