Shimmering in the heat of all the hot trends is the name, Akhilesh Pahwa

June 5, 2019 New Delhi: Under the beaming Sun and in the scorching heat, his name shines over the Capital. Akhilesh Pahwa has introduced his lucid collection for men. The collection debuted at the infamous luxury-brand Ravissant, New Friends Colony.

The ingenious designer has redefined the style-statements, yet again, in his own way. Each outfit has its own story to tell. The essence of gallantry and the presence of exuberance in their style are commendable. The attires possess the ability to turn its bearer into an object of admiration and appreciation. The ingenious piece of art establishes elegance as an attitude of its own.

Akhilesh Pahwa is not just an ordinary name, limited to the confines of location, it is spread across continents. The designer has its presence in Dubai, Melbourne and New Delhi. While telling his own tale, Akhilesh starts from the part where he had nothing but dreams. The designer has attributed the acquired fame to his ardent desires never ending zeal for fashion. According to him, inspiration does not abide the clock. Sometimes he pens down his ideas at 1 in the middle of the night and sometimes at 2 in the afternoon just after he’s up from a catnap. It is only after these sleepless nights and years of toiling that Akhilesh has been able to become a global pioneer in setting the trends. He has been immensely appreciated for impeccably blending the Italian fabric, traditional colors, craft, textures and embroideries.

The fashion industry in India has never been static. Being one with such an evolutionary industry evokes creativity and passion in Akhilesh. The artist never aims of creating just another fashion brand but aspires to provide a complete fashion solution to his clientele.

Akhilesh designs Indo-Western clothing for both the genders and is especially known for his collection of bandhgalas for men and gowns for women. He has designed for the various contemporary big-shots. Some of the prominent names include MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Ashish Nehra, Raj Kundra, Boman Irani and Mika Singh.   

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