Siemens and Bentley Systems Collaborate on Process Industries Academy Initiative

Bangalore, June 14, 2018 − Siemens’ Process Industries and Drives and Digital Factories divisions are teaming up with Bentley Systems’ Bentley Institute to establish a Process Industries Academy that will support the companies’ joint vision for cloud services and digital workflows in engineering and operations. The Process Industries Academy will help organizations to better understand and develop an effective digital strategy across all aspects of the asset lifecycle, based on the practical experience and knowledge of the industry’s leading experts.

With recentfluctuations in the oil, gas, and global energy markets, and the subsequent impacton related process manufacturing sectors, established ways of working in theprocess industries are now being challenged across the entire projectlifecycle. Fewer capital investments in greenfield projects, and an increasedfocus on optimizing productivity, performance and utilization of existingassets, have prompted the process industries to examine new ways to increasecompetitiveness and operating revenues.

An optimalapproach to project delivery and asset performance addresses the interactions andbalance between an organization’s capabilities, its people, the underlyingbusiness processes and methods, all coupled with the latest technology, toconsistently improve its business outcomes. 

Based on theexperience and knowledge of the industry’s leading experts, the ProcessIndustries Academy will provide sessions focusing on real-worldexamples of the key aspects of a digital approach to capital project deliveryand asset operations. Participants will discover how developing a clear digitalstrategy for improved collaboration, communication, and coordination betweenproject teams creates an ideal environment to optimize information creation anddigital workflows.

EckardEberle, CEO, Process Automation, Process Industries and Drives Division, SiemensAG, said, “The Process Industries Academy supports thedevelopment of industry best-practice approaches, while respecting the cultureand traditions within today’s process industries. Our shared vision for theacademy is to offer a practical, effective means for asset owners, decisionmakers, and program and project managers to understand the interactions andbalance between teams, processes, and technologies so they can see improvedproject delivery and asset performance.” 

Alan Lamont,vice president of Digital Advancement Academies for Bentley Systems, said,“The Process Industries Academy will offer industryprofessionals an environment to learn and share practical insights aboutbusiness process improvements enabled by technology, so they can educate andequip their teams to be more productive and achieve the best outcomes. Withacademy sessions, we hope to help participants to develop a betterunderstanding of their role and the benefits across the asset lifecycle, withpractical, real-world examples of “Going Digital” to advance capital projectdelivery and asset operations.” 

ProcessIndustries Academies willbe situated in the following locations to support the global process industry:

·Karlsruhe,Germany at Siemens’ Process Automation World

·Houston,Texas, U.S. in Bentley’s Digital Advancement Academy

·Shanghai,China at Siemens’ Process Industry Center of Excellence

 Thefirst academy session is scheduled for November 14, 2018 in Karlsruheat Siemens Process Automation World.  A half-day preview of theProcessIndustries Academy will be featured during Bentley’s Year inInfrastructure 2018 Conference in London on Monday, October 15.

Captionand image link: The Process Industries Academy will help organizations developa digital strategy based on practical experience and knowledge from leadingexperts.

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