Simplify your life with Housejoy’s Logistics & Documentation Services

Hyderabad, July 21st, 2017: India’s leading on-demand home services company, Housejoy, announced the launch of two new services - Movers &Packers and Documentation support in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Housejoy isa one-stop solution for a plethora of home and personal requirements, rightfrom getting your house and car cleaned, appliances installed, pest controldone toavailing doorsteplaundry and salon services.The two new services intheir kitty are the next step in simplifying people’s lives.

Talkingabout the new offerings, Rashi Lachhwani, Vice President Category,Housejoysaid, “In India, the movers and packers market is developed butitlacks transparency. It can also burn a hole in your pocket as consumers getheavily charged at every step of the process.  The Housejoy platform willhelp customers getaccess to verified, trained and reliable moving& packingprofessionals. Our rates  arealso more reasonablecomparatively.”

She furtheradded, “The launch of documentation services,though at a nascent stage, has alot of potential to grow due to the entire process becoming more convenientwith Housejoy. Our experts will provide quality support to customers in need ofdocumentation services ranging from applying for a passport to filing ITReturns. The service providers will collect the documents and process therequest on customers’ behalf, while theygo about their regular work.”

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