Skills acquired by the youth will be a defining factor in building a strong future: Mazumdar

Bangalore, June 18th, 2018: AACSB accredited IFIM Business School witnessed its landmark celebration with its 22nd Annual Convocation held at their campus. This year saw 193 students of the 2016-18 batch receive their post-graduate diplomas in the presence of Chief Guest Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD at Biocon Limited along with Guest of Honor Dr. Bhimarya Metri, Director, IIM Trichy.

Dr. GithaHegde, Director, IFIM Business School welcomed the guests and congratulated thegraduating students. “These are crucial times for the generation which ispreparing to make major decisions for a sustainable future. Our role as aneducational institution is not only to train them academically, but nurturetheir creativity and help them shape their ideas better.  The employment industry is ever evolving,hence, students must have the skills and experiences that equip themselves toadapt and bring about better innovations. The eligibility criteria for jobswill eventually evolve and our responsibility, here, is to build a strong basefor students to make them continuously employable,” she said.

Key Highlights

•193students received their Post Graduate Diplomas from Dr. Kiran Shaw, CMD, BioconLimited

•Theacademic year stressed on training students in acquiring skills that make themcontinuously employable

•ShubhamJain and Renuka Mohta became the all rounders

Chief GuestDr. Kiran Mazumdar said “We are witnessing the birth of technologies that willfundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Thescale, scope, and complexity of the transformation is unlikely to be likeanything humankind has experienced before. Hence, skills acquired by the youthwill be a defining factor in building a strong future for the country.  As students of management, you would havelearned that failure is inherent to building success and am sure you have beencoached on managing risk and failure. In my life’s journey, my ability to faceand learn from failure helped me a great deal. When I started off as a25-year-old woman entrepreneur with no business experience and limitedfinancial resources, I had to face huge credibility and perception challenges,as well as, failures.”

She added,“By turning an entrepreneur, I have been able to create nearly 10,000 directjobs and several thousands of indirect jobs in lieu of the one job that I wasseeking! Today, India needs all of us - especially capable young people likeyou - to be responsible and address the myriad challenges our country faces:food security, health security, job security, energy security and environmentalsustainability. Remember, our country cannot aspire to economic greatness aslong as India remains home to one-fourth of the world’s poor and more thanone-third of all malnourished children. So I would like to ask you to getinvolved and convert these challenges into opportunities that can help bringabout transformational change in alleviating human suffering while creatingwealth and prosperity for all.”

She alsocongratulated the Business School on their recent achievement, “I understandthat this is the first B-School in Bengaluru and the sixth in the country to beinternationally accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools ofBusiness (AACSB), which is considered to be the gold standard in managementeducation globally.”

Theconvocation was also attended by Mr. V B Padode, Chairman, Center forDevelopmental Education (CDE), and dignitaries from the corporate world, theBoard of Governors of IFIM, the alumni of the Institute and proud parents ofthe graduating batch, which included both regular and executive PGDM students.

The ceremonyconcluded with celebration by the graduates who are ready for a new start ofprofessional life and their proud parents.

The following Awards were given tothe top students

Best all rounder

Male:Shubham Jain

Female:Renuka Mohta

Best Student of PGDM


Best studentof PGDM (Executive)

Deep Krishna

Best SIP Project: Assessing theimpact of Air Pollution on the Health of auto Rickshaw drivers

Ajay Ballal

Imad Ul HuqKola


PriyaGeorgina Cutinho

RohanBhaskar Shetty

Shodhan JShetty


BestResearch incubation



Best Industry Internship Program

Samruddh P

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