Skillsoft Partners with Shine Learning, India’s Largest Career Marketplace

Bangalore, India, 25 May 2018- Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, today announced a partnership with Shine Learning, India’s largest professional courses and skills portal. launched Shine Learning with a vision to upskill the Indian talent pool to adapt to the changing job market.The partnership provides Shine Learning users access to Skillsoft’s extensive learning portfolio of more than 500,000 pieces of engaging content which is in high demand by professionals seeking new opportunities and advancement in India’s highly competitive job market.

“Skillsoft has become one of’s keypartners in our mission to upskill the millennial workforce and prepare themfor the future job industry,” said Zairus Master, CEO of “Skillsoft’sengagingtraining content enhances the value of Shine Learning’s offerings at a timewhenlearning has become more important than ever before.” 

SkillsoftprovidesShine Learning users high-qualitylearningfrom beginner to expert level. The content covers a broad array oftopics, including BusinessSkills Training,Management Training and Development,DigitalTransformation, Productivityand Collaboration,and IT Certification and DeveloperTraining. Skillsoft’s content is available ina variety of modalities, including7,000 courses, 65,000 videos, 46,000 books, and1,300 audiobooks. 

“Change is the only constant in today’sdigital world, creating opportunities and challenges for organizations seekingdigitally literate talent,” said Chad Gaydos, Chief Operating Officer of the SkillsoftGroup. “Skillsoft’s partnership with will provide a broad spectrum oflearners in India access to the world-class skills and training they need tocompete in a world of constant technological innovation.” 

Shine Learning has experienced an increase incourse completion rates since adding Skillsoft’s impactful learning content toits offering. Users also benefit from Shine Learning’s proprietary algorithmthat predicts not only emerging skills but also provides personalized trainingrecommendations, now including Skillsoft courses, after analyzing a user’s resumeand application history.  

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