SkoolSmart launches Smart Pickup for schools

Bangalore , India, Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - SkoolSmart, an end to end student tracking and child safety services company announces the launch of Smart Pickup, a customised child pick-up app for schools and parents

Smart Pickup assures that only an authorised and approved individual by the students’ parent or guardian will be allowed to collect the child from the school or the bus-stop, bringing them home safe and sound.

All schools have registered details of guardians who pick up the children from school or the bus-stop, however there are instances when the registered individual may not be available to pick up the child. It is then the registered guardian opts for a trusted and a reliable person to pick the child, which the school may be unaware about. Smart Pickup app allows the registered guardian to upload the photograph of the substitute pick-up, which is reflected in real time on the bus authority’s or the school security’s app. As the photograph is uploaded, the registered guardian receives an OTP which needs to be shared with the substitute pick-up to be given to the school authority as the child is handed over to them.

Commenting on the launch of the Smart Pickup tool, Srinivasa Rao Saripalli CEO and Co-founder SkoolSmart said “At SkoolSmart our focus is #ChildSafety and are always in the lookout to strengthen all the vulnerable areas to ensure end to end student safety. The Smart Pickup solution is an integral step to ensure security of children in our educational institutions. The OTP facility and real time uploading of the profile picture of the alternate pick ensures adequate safety measures are taken so that the children are handed over to the sanctioned personnel only, leaving no scope of any process vulnerability.”

Smart Pickup from SkoolSmart is designed for adaptability across all devices and provides instant notification hence meeting student security concerns of both parents and school management .The app also stores history of previous passes, creating trackable history of usage, if ever required.

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