Skybox Security and Exclusive Networks Announce New Partnership for Middle East Distribution

The cybersecurity management platform ensures networks remain secure and compliant as organisations migrate to cloud and merge networks~

New Delhi:May 22, 2018: Skybox Security, aglobal leader in cybersecurity management, announced today a new partnershipwith Eclusive Networks fordistribution of Skybox solutions in the Middle East, including the GulfCooperation Council (GCC) region and Egypt. Exclusive Networks will deploy andservice the Skybox Security Suite, a broad security managementplatform that provides comprehensive attack surface visibility and enablesunified vulnerability management and firewall/security policy management acrossan organization’s entire network, including in physical, multi-cloud and OTenvironments.

“Driven bygovernment outlays (with oil, gas and defence industries leading the charge),Middle East organisations are looking for trusted security advisors who cannavigate digital transformations and reduce risks —especially as they deal withmigration to the cloud, IT/OT convergence and a skills shortage. Skybox givesour business partners the tools needed to address these challenges — thingslike visibility, automation and advanced analytics,” said Oliver Downs,alliances manager for Exclusive Networks. “With Skybox, our partners have thepower to more effectively manage security holistically within large, complexnetworks, including in physical, virtual, multi-cloud, and even OTenvironments.”

ExclusiveNetworks has been certified by Skybox for its expertise and ability to deliverthe Skybox Security Suite, including any customization that is needed forspecific security and business processes. In addition, they provide ongoingplatform management, which includes but is not limited to: 

  • Continuous management ofnetwork and asset dataimported into the Skybox network model
  • Delivery of Skybox Health Check services which includes checking platform performance, performing data import and model validation, and performing operational checks
  • Optimizing technology integrations with the Skybox platform (120+ now available) to improve ROI

ExclusiveNetworks is a leading value-added distributor (VAD) in the Middle East focusedon IT security and data centre transformation. They leverage a portfolio ofvendors to assist in enabling hybrid cloud architecture and security, which iskey to digital transformation and competitive success in the region. Thisincludes integration with on-site/off-site configuration management databases(CMDBs) and ticketing systems for highly customizable reporting. By leveragingdata from the Skybox Security Suite, Exclusive Networkscan continuouslymonitors and quickly report on an organization's overall security posture atall stages of a process.

“Aninternationally renowned distributor, Exclusive Networks is able to fullydevelop and drive the Middle East channel for Skybox by providing a regionalfoothold and an understanding of both the commercial and technology sectors,”said Jono Clarke-Storey, EMEA channel director for Skybox Security. “Theirexperience in developing and scaling partnership will allow us to providecompelling solutions for unique business challenges facing Middle Easterncompanies.”


Skyboxprovides the industry’s broadest cybersecurity management platform to addresssecurity challenges within large, complex networks. By integrating with over120 networking and security technologies, the Skybox™ Security Suite givescomprehensive attack surface visibility and the context needed to quicklyidentify and fix vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. Our analytics,automation and intelligence improve the efficiency and performance of securityoperations in vulnerability and threat management and firewall and securitypolicy management for the world’s largest organisations.

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